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Linux Commands
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  • Basic Linux Commands

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      Hello are some basic commands that we use in Linux

     1. File Handling :

    •     mkdir- make directories

         Usage: mkdir[OPTION]DIRECTORY...
         Example: mkdir rahul

    •      ls- list directory contents

         Usage: ls[OPTION]...[FILE]...
         Example: ls,ls-1,ls rahul

    •      cd-changes directories

         Usage: cd[DIRECTORY] 
         Example: cd rahul


    •   pwd- print name of current working directory


    •  vim-Vi Improved,a programmers text editor

         Usage: vim[OPTION] [file]...
         Example: vim file1.txt


    •   cp-copy files and directories

         Usage: cp[OPTION]..SOURCE DEST
         Example:cp sample.txt sample_copy.txt
                 cp sample_copy.txt target_dir


    • mv-move(rename)files

         Usage: mv[OPTION]..SOURCE DEST
         Example: mv source.txt target_dir
                 mv previous.txt new.txt


    • rm-remove files or directories

         Usage: rm[OPTION] [path] [pattern]
         Example: rm file.txt

    • find-search for files in a directory hierarchy

         Usage: find[OPTION] [path] [pattern]
         Example: find file1.txt


    • history-prints recently used commands

         Usage: history


     2. Text Processing:

    •     cat-concatenate files and print on the standard output

        Usage: cat[OPTION][FILE]...
        Example: cat file1.txt


    •     echo-display a line of text

        Usage: find[OPTION] [string]...
        Example: echo hello
                echo $HOME 


     3. System Administration:


    •     chmod- change file access permission

        Usage: chmod [OPTION] [MODE] [FILE]
        Example: chmod 744

    •     chown: change file owner and group

        Usage: chmod [OPTION]...OWNER[:GROUP][MODE][FILE]
        Example: chmod remo math.txt


    •     su: change user ID

        Usage: su[OPTION][LOGIN]
        Example: su math


    •     passwd:update a user's authentication tokens

        Usage: passwd[OPTION]
        Example: passwd

    •  who: show who is logged on

        Usage: who[OPTION]
        Example: who,who -b


     4. Process Management:


    • ps:report a  snapshort of the current processes

        Usage: ps[OPTION]
        Example: ps,ps -el

    • kill: to kill a process

        Usage: kill[OPTION] pid
        Example: kill -9 2275


     5. Archival:

    •      tar: to archive a file

        Usage: tar[OPTION]DEST SOURCE
        Example: cvf/home/archive.tar/home/origial


    • zip: package and compress (archive) files

        Usage: zip[OPTION]DEST SOURCE
        Example: zip original

    • unzip: test,list and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive

        Usage: unzip filename
        Example: unzip


     6. Network:

    • ssh: SSH client(remote login program).

            "ssh is a program for logging into a remote machine and for executing commands on a remote machine."

    Usage: ssh [OPTION] [user]@hostname

        Example: ssh-X guest@


    • scp: secure copy

            "scp copies files between hosts on a network"
        Usage: scp[options] [[user]@host1:file1] [[user]@host2:file2]

        Example: scp file1.txt guest@


     7. File Systems:

    • fdisk-partition manipulator

        Example: sudo fdisk -1

    • mount: mount a file system

        Usage: mount -t type device dir
        Example: mount/dev/sda5/media/target


    • unmount: unmount file systems

        Usage: unmount[OPTIONS]dir |device..
        Example: unmount/media/target


    • du: estimate file space usage

        Usage: du[OPTION]..[FILE]
        Example: du


    • df: report filesystem disk space usage

        Usage: df[OPTIONS]..[FILE]..
        Example: df


    • quota: display disk usage and limits

        Usage: quota [OPTION]
        Example: quota -v

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