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  • Adding social icons in your site

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    Hi friends,
    You might have seen several icons of social networks in many of the sites. If you want to add this in  your rails site, there is already a beautiful gem called social-share-button. I am explaining here how you can integrate it step-by-step.

    1) Open your Gemfile and add this code:

    gem 'social-share-button', '~> 0.1.6'

    2) Now run bundle

    bundle install

    3) Install the social share button using the rails generator like this:

     rails generate social_share_button:install
        ## this will create these files
         create  config/initializers/social_share_button.rb
         create  config/locales/social_share_button.en.yml
         create  config/locales/social_share_button.zh-CN.yml
         create  config/locales/social_share_button.zh-TW.yml

    The main configuration file that needs to be configured for social share button is config/initializers/social_share_button.rb

    SocialShareButton.configure do |config|
      # Here you can customize the number of social icons that are needed in your website
      config.allow_sites = %w(twitter email facebook google_plus weibo douban tqq renren qq  kaixin001 baidu google_bookmark delicious huaban tumblr    plurk pinterest)

    4) Now require css and js files in your application.css and application.js respectively like this:

      //= require social-share-button
      *= require social-share-button

      5) Then you can use social_share_button_tag helper in views, for example app/views/events/show.html.erb

     <%= social_share_button_tag(@event.title) %>

    6) The social share icons will look like this in your view.



    7) For more detail and customization you can follow the github source file


    Adding social icons in your site

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