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  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to HTML5

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    Hello readers,

    This is the my first post for html5 tutorial. Here are some basics for HTML's which will help you for the forthcoming post.

    HTML5 is the most latest version of HTML. HTML5 is a markup language HTML documents described by HTML tags and each tag describes different document content.

    Same as HTML you have no need to any special own environment to render your code, your browser is your compiler. simply you have to write your code in your text editor and save as .html or .htm extension and just open that file in your browser and thats it.

    Browser Support for HTML5

    All latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 9.0,  all support many HTML5 features.
    Pre-installed mobile web browsers on ios and android phones have excellent support for HTML5.

    Some html5 features need prefix.

    What's new in html5 -

    Here is list for some new feature about html5

    1- Semantic Elements
    2- Local Storage
    3- Server-Sent Events
    4- Audio & Video
    5- Canvas
    6- Geolocation
    7- Drag and drop etc.

    We will read about it in upcoming tutorial post.

    Below is a basic code Structure for html5


    <!DOCTYPE html>
          <meta charset="utf-8">
          <header role="banner">
             <h1>Heading tag</h1>
             <p>This is a p tag for paragraph</p>
             <p>at last the footer</p>


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