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laravel 5


PHP Laravel Framework - Intro, Versions and Features

PHP is one of the most popular server side scripting language which is used for web development. As stated in [1] currently more than 82% of websites are powered by PHP and with the release of a new version (PHP 7), PHP becomes more stable a...

Create Login, Registration and Forgot Password Module in PHP Laravel Application

Laravel makes to the list of most famous, free, open source PHP frameworks. Developers world over uses Laravel framework to develop web applications based on MVC approach. Artisan, the name of the Laravel Command Line Interface (CLI), helps devel...

Laravel 5.0 handling multiple layouts - Select layout as per the user role

Hi Readers Recently when I was working in Laravel, I came across an issue. It was regarding the selection of a particular layout as per the logged-in user. I have to show a particular layout according to the role of the user logged-in. When I ...

Slug in PHP

Hi All, Slug :- It is a part of the URL to makes the URL more user-friendly. There are also many other advantages of the Slug. Firstly, search engines such as Google will rank your page higher for the keywords contained in the URL Secondly, us...

How to install Laravel 5.0

Laravel 5 is the latest version of Laravel. If we want to install Laravel 5 in our system then we have to write simple command to run the project. composer create-project laravel/laravel test-laravel-5-project --prefer-dist Here test-lar...

How to disable user registration in Laravel 5

Laravel 5 provides built-in user registration and login functionality which allow developer to easily integrate both functionality in their application. But some times laravel developer wants to disable the user registration or restrict user for ...
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