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Setting cookies in php

Cookies in php is defined in the following line of code, CookieComponent is a wrapper in a PHP setcookie method.It offers user a number of methods for working with the Cookies in the document, cookies will allow user to remember their username an...

how to do save the cookies in cakephp and remember me in cakephp

In your login page you have two fields that are username/email and password in that page you have a checkbox . In that form you have a checkbox if you select that check box then your cookies will be saved in your browser for that remember me code...

Login CakePHP

We can create a login function for logging in using cakePHP. The login functionality can be added using the Auth component available in the cakePHP. You do not need to create the session or check for encrypted password in the database as Au...

Remember me in Cakephp

In a portal login page once you check the Remember Me checkbox your login id will be remembered on the browser for 7 days. And when with in a 7 days if you login on the same browser, you will get logged out. Use the below code in order to use ...

Creating a custom password encrypt for Auth in laravel 5.0

Many times when we have an existing database with existing multiple records with set password, encrypted with a specific encrypt technique and then we try to immigrate to Laravel 5.0 and try to use Laravel Auth, it clashes. Since, Lara...

Using Email or Username to login with auth in cakephp

We seldom need to login into application using Email or Username while using Auth with Cakephp. To achieve this we either need to write customized Auth component or we can achieve the same with the following code : public function validateUs...
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