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Association in cakephp

Association is basically linking two models of the database. It is very useful. After applying association you don't need to join the tables from the controller and fetch the data of another model from the controller. The four types ...

Associations (Linking Models together) in cakephp

Association is the relationship between two models. By using associations we can join tables. It is like a glue between different related models. Cakephp provides us very powerful feature of linking models together, just by call of one function. ...

Use of bindModel and unbindModel function

bindModel and unbindModel: bindModel() function is used to create association between models when needed and unbindModel() function is used to destroy the created association when it is no longer required. Association are used when we need dat...

Association Types in cakePHP

Hello Readers Four associations types used in cakePHP is explained here in a short and simple way. Hope this will be helpful to all.  belongTo: If table movie has a field that refrences table director, then table movie "belongTo&quo...

Association in cake php

Association means relationship, It is a way that two table are connected to each other or linking model together, in cakephp the links between models are handled through association. User can understand it from the following table.   &...

User of Recursive in cakephp

It is used where ample data is fetched from the query and there are numerous levels of associations between your models. we use Recursive like this way. $this->Region->find('all', array('recursive' => 0)); These are levels of ...
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