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How to implement SLIM APIs with Database connectivity?

To connect slim apis with database follow the below steps: 1) Setup the slim enviornment in you system using the below URL. 2) Create a database name "slim". 3) Creat...

SLIM and basic implementation using SWAGGER Editor

Slim is a micro framework in PHP which is used to write powerful web applications and APIs. Slim is a simple framework that care for core necessities of a web application, receiving the HTTP request, dispatch the appropriate code and return ...

Methods in REST approach

REST (Representational State Transfer) is based on resources and actions. A resource can be an URL referencing a object or any entity on which we want to perform action for example: /listUser or /searchUser. Action can be one of the following: ...

What is REST?

REST stands for "Representational State Transfer". REST is the architectural pattern of the world wide web. In order to focus on the roles of components, REST ignores the details of component implementation and protocol syntax. The co...

What is Swagger?

  Swagger an open-source specification and a framework for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services. Swagger was developed for Wordnik for their developer use in development. Swagger framework simultaneo...

REST API in joomla 3.4 with SLIM Framework PART 2

Flowing on from REST API in joomla 3.4 with SLIM Framework PART 1 it's time to to use the real power of Slim Framework. In this second part of tutorial series , we will use SLIM Framework in Joomla way of style to create powerful API. As we le...
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