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Cursor in SQL Server

A cursor is a database object that can be created at runtime. It is used to get data  from a result set line by line(or row by row) rather than executing  all the rows in the result set at a single time like an SQL-transaction. Generall...

Pagination stored procedure in SQL Server

In this blog we illustrate how to get the pagination data from SQL server stored procedure. To create a such type of a stored procedure, we need to send a minimum three parameters(startRowIndex, pageSize, totalCount).     1. ...

Triggers in the SQL server

A trigger is a unique store procedure that is executes to give a response to particular action on the table of a database using  the following SQL statements: 1. Data Manipulation Language (DML) SQL Statements (like INSERT, UPDATE or DE...

How to use IN keyword in LINQ

In SQL Server, we are very familiar with IN keyword and we use this keyword in many times which is very helpful for us. It save our extra efforts and code line like below query.     To achieve this in LINQ , we heve below t...

Best practices for error handling and logging

In this blog I have summarized the best practices for error handling and logging. 1) Appropriate use of try/catch. 2) Log sufficient contextual information. All exceptions are logged(with userid , page or proc name, timestamps ,inner except...

How to update increment value in a table without loop in SQL

Hi All, Some time we need to update value in a table in some pattern or increment order. Then we use loop and iterate with all record, but as know looping is take time and our application become slower. We can achieve this by without loop a...

How to trace SQL query or SP on a page

HI Guys, Some times we want to know that what SQL operation is running on a particular page or a event, then we have to debug our code base and we get the result, but it's time taking process to debug code line by line and as well as some ...
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