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Display initials if no profile pic available

When we create an application its very easy to display user image or profile pic. when no image is available then we used to include an anonymous image in place of no image is available. But Gone were days and now we have something rich...

Sessions in Javascript

Hi All, SessionStorage is something we can use to store values in session in Javascript. Below I will demonstrate how we can use it in our project. To set Session Value: var valueKey = "Value"; function setSession(value) { ...

Determine Height & Width of browser window in JavaScript

Hi All, We most of the time in web development get stuck with responsive designs, the best way to handle that now a days is to use Bootstrap classes which take cares of your site but that helps you to achieve responsiveness width wise. What...

How to open android app from web browser and get data from the app and return back to web browser

Sometime we a have a situation in which we use android app in our web application.In that situation you can use this. For opening the android app first we have to check 2 conditions . 1. If the device is android or not. 2. In the android dev...

A numeric only text box in web application

A lot many times when creating web applications it so happens that we need to accept numeric vales i.e. which accepts positive, negative numbers , whole numbers or decimal numbers. Its easy, show a message on the page that the particular field ne...

Login to Your Site through Google+ using Javascript

Many a times we need to authenticate our users through social media such as facebook, twitter and google+. Today I will be discussing how to login to the system using Google+ credentials without using any sdk but through javascript. Using the...

Scroll down to selected item in gridview using javascript

The blog is related to move the position of scroll according to the selected item using javascript:- Consider the following example:- Let's say you have a gridview control and a dropdown above that. If you select any item from dropdown the grid...
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