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Methods in REST approach

REST (Representational State Transfer) is based on resources and actions. A resource can be an URL referencing a object or any entity on which we want to perform action for example: /listUser or /searchUser. Action can be one of the following: ...

AJAX request

To send the request on server open() and send() can be used in ajax. These are the method of XMLHttpRequest object."GET", "ajax_info.txt", true); xhttp.send(); open- specifies the type of request open(method, url, async...

Wordpress Custom Post Type

We can create our own custom post types. We can call them whatever we want. They are content types like posts and pages. We create a custom post type for adding different feature to our website. We can add category to our post. Fo...

Determine which submit button has been clicked

If we have two submit buttons and want to detect which one is pressed then simply use post method i.e. $this->request->data. <?php echo $this->Form->create(false); ?> <?php echo $this->Form->text('input'); ?> &l...

How to get variable with same name in POST using PHP

Hello Reader's if have a html form with the variable of same name then you can get them indevisaly by POST Change the names of your inputs: <input name="name[]" value="Address" /> <input name="name[]" value="Number" /> <in...

How to maximise the maximum size of POST in PHP

If your form sending much more POST request than the default size and you want to increase the size of POST then see the steps:- Open the file php.ini you can file the location of file from exicuting the PHP line below <?php phpinfo(); ...
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