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Active Inactive button in cakephp using ajax

Suppose we have a table name player and in player table we have field like id , image,player_name, status,  etc. Suppose data inside fields are id=1, name=ram, image=abcd.jpg and status=0, Now we want to change status to 1, and again we have...

CakePHP Controller Basic

A Controller in MVC like cakePHP is basically used to manage the logic around a single model. LIke for example if you are working on User model than  you have to have a controller for it name UsersController.php for managing the model. ...

Differentiate between Component, Behavior, and Helper in Cakephp.

These all extend existing CakePHP functionality so they are almost similar but differ on what they extend from the existing folder. The Component is used here in the controller it will used as a packages of logic and function and these are s...

MVC Structure Flow

The MVC structure breaks an application's interface, into three parts: the model, the view, and the controller. It can be mapped with the traditional input, processing & output roles . Input --> Processing --> Output Controlle...

CakePHP request Cycle

When a user requests a page or a resource then the CAKEPHP request cycle starts. It can be explained with the below diagram: Let's now discuss the request cycle diagram with steps: 1.The request is redirected to webroot/index.php ba...

Create custom component in Joomla 1.5

Sometimes, when we are working on CMS like Joomla, Drupal etc, we have such requirements for which we need to build our own component. On that component, we can add our logics for development. Here are some basic steps to create you own Joomla...
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