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ngCordova oauth facebook

I want to create a facebook login for my ngCordova hybrid app.In backend i use node js.But in client i've saw a plugin which use clientID(app id) from facebook developers.I don't know how to create this client or how to work with this plugin.Doe...

How to build a native menu using ionic cordova?

I'm using ionic to build an hybrid application.I want to have some menus native (my menus are using ionic css and i think are not native).How i can build a native menu and what i should use ?


i need help with this.. if i select province it will give calculation accordingly on button click ..

Display all error message on page loading in AngularJS

Hi When the page loads I see a lot of error message's in every field and then they go away when the page load. It seems there anyway to not show that first. Thank you

Payment Gateway With Angularjs Application with Java at Backend

Hi, can anyone suggest me the flow of Payment Gateway integration in Angularjs Application with Java at Backend. what is the best approach to do it? Thanks

On paste event in javascript.

I am using a telerik editor control in my web app which by default has On Paste (Ctrl + V) event handler which open a dialog box. It is working in latest version of IE(Edge), Firefox and Chrome. But I need to make it support in IE 7 and 8. In IE ...

How to detect collision between two elements.

Can any one give me the idea. How I can detect collision between 2 dom element. I have got this code form MDN. But can't go thorough it. Please help me. var rect1 = {x: 5, y: 5, width: 50, height: 50} var rect2 = {x: 20, y: 10, width: 10, heig...

Key pressed validation in angularJS

How to validate text field using regex in angularjs, Text field accept only valid input. <input type="text" name="phone"/> Above input text field allow me to enter number only.When I enter alphabet it should not accept.

Ionic auth with express and mongoose

Hi! I'm trying to develop an application.But i'm a little bit confused about auth.I've seen more examples from github but their code are realy difficult and it's very hard to understand it .I need if it's possible,a small working example to under...

Avoid Discrete Polygon Colliders in Spritesheet Animations

Scenario :- I am using a spritesheet with a few frames to run my animations in ImpactJS. As using large number of frames can increase my sheet size. Basically it is a shot playing animation in which I have applied Polygon collider to the bat wit...

Need Spine Plugin for ImpactJS

I have found this cool plugin ( for using Spine animations ( in ImpactJS ( But this plugin has a lot of bugs mainly scaling of child bones to parent bones. Can You...

How to set high velocity in Box2D

I want to throw an object in Box2d by applying a force vector, But it is limited to a certain velocity even if I Apply Force by a very high value? How can I achieve this ? For Ex:- I have to fire a bullet at a very high speed. var force = new ...

How to access frame numbers in Spine Animations

When using Spine ( JavaScript version. How can I access the frame numbers while the animation is playing as I have to perform some tasks based on them ?

create object and object's combination

I need help in javascript friends I have 3 javascript array. var color = ["red", "yellow", "blue"]; var size = ["xl", "xxl", "xxxl"]; var style = ["cotton", "silk", "jins"]; and i want string like bellow line using javascript or jquery. ...

Is that possible to store some additional data along with the error flag itself, using standard Angular mechanism?

I'm manually setting ngModel.$setValidity, I'd like to pass some data along with the error flag, to be displayed in ngMessages directive. For example let's assume the min/max length of the field depends upon some external factors, thus is compute...

nginx help

Does anyone knows how to work with nginx on windows?I'm trying to run an nodejs application.Can anyone help me ?

Disconnect strophe js from another angular controller

Hello! I make a connection to an xmpp server using node-xmpp-bosh.From my app i'm using strophe js to connect.I have two controllers.I make connection in first controller.In second controller i want to close connection .I've tried but i need to e...

Why cordova geolocation watch doesn't working?

Hello.I'm making an application in ionic.I'm using cordova geolocation plugin.I want when i change my position location to be updated .I should see an alert but i don't see anything.What i should do ? Here is my code: $ionicPlatform ...

Location Watch

Hi! I'm working at an application which use location.I want my location to be updated everytime when i'm moving,without making a refresh.How i can do this?

Strophe receive only one message

Hi..I want to create a chat app.I'm using Strophe js with and xmpp server.I send a message to another client(Spark) and after that i can send one message from Spark to strophe client.Here is my code.I wil appreciate any help :) var connection ...

Convert code from jquery in angular

I have this code and i'm trying to convert it in angular js code.Who can help me ?

Angular js and strophejs

Hello guys..I want to develop a xmpp chat app in angularjs,I want to use strophe js as a library.I've tried to look at some examples and i've read documentation about strophe...Does anyone have an example ?

Ionic xmpp chat client

Hello guys!I want to develop a chat app in ionic.I have created xmpp server.Does anyone know a client or a library for ionic to implement chat?

How to check wether the checkbox is selected or not using jquery

"How to check wether the checkbox is selected or not using jquery" While working in a project, I got stuck in the following issue. This is the code I am using: <input type="radio" name="optionsRadiosbillingmethod" id="optionsRadios1-b...

How to get the selected text from dropdown using jquery

"How to get the selected text from dropdown using jquery" While working in Asp.Net Application I got stuck in a following issue. This is the code I am using: <select class="form-control" id="new-account-prefix" name="newaccountprefix"&g...

How to add mouseleave, mouseenter and click event using jQuery

Hello, I want to change the image when entering and leaving mouse to it. But the image should stay there when clicked. I have an image attribute source that is replaced on mouse enter and mouse leave event. But image is also changing after ...

Nodejs is working on desktop safari, but not iPhone device

I have as issue in which is not starting on any iPhone device. I have searched for it and went through some solutions but nothing worked. Here are some issue links: http://www.cod...
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