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Php problem

am creating login page,when am login how to redirect the particular login user page

Fetch Outlook contacts using PHP imap

Is there any way to get Outlook contacts using PHP imap functions? I need urgent help please

Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using Phone gap or Sencha

How to implement Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using Phone gap or Sencha Using Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using phone gap or sencha?

What is the purpose of using IBOutlet & IBAction?

As you all know that at compile time 1. All IBOutlet keywords are removed entirely. 2. All IBAction keywords are replaced by void because actions invoked by user interface controls are not expected to have a return value. The question then a...

How to add mouseleave, mouseenter and click event using jQuery

Hello, I want to change the image when entering and leaving mouse to it. But the image should stay there when clicked. I have an image attribute source that is replaced on mouse enter and mouse leave event. But image is also changing after ...

How to customize the table output of pdf files generated using jspdf?

I have a requirement where i need to customize the table column width of pdf file. This pdf file is generating using jspdf (a jquery plugin).

Nodejs is working on desktop safari, but not iPhone device

I have as issue in which is not starting on any iPhone device. I have searched for it and went through some solutions but nothing worked. Here are some issue links: http://www.cod...

How to integrate cloud tax in pos module in OpenERP-7 (odoo) ?

Hi Friends, Please help me with the Problem, I want to integrate Cloud Tax in OpenERP-7 (Odoo). anyone knows then please reply as soon as possible.

How to use feeds module in drupal to import feeds from other websites?

I want to import blogs and articles from other sites into my drupal website. I also want to import youtube videos in different content type.

How to list all child pages of current parent page in drupal 7?

Suppose I have parent pages A1 and B1. A1 has child pages A1.1, A1.2,A1.3 and B1 has child pages B1.1, B1.2. I want to list all the respective child pages on A1 and B1. In every child page I have an image and a title. These 2 information needs ...

How to Get Current Latitude and Longitude Location in Drupal 7

I need to get my current location Latitude and Longitude in Drupal7. Which module should I use and what will be the process of using that module?

Error message upon submitting quiz

I have a WordPress Quiz Master Next Plugin set up and it gives a certificate. When any user finishes the quiz it gives an error message is as below: Warning: file_put_contents(wp-content/plugins/quiz-master-next/includes/certificates/mlw_qmn_q...

How to remove old or deleted information from Google

Hi, How to remove outdated content If information was deleted from a webpage, but still shows in Google Search results, How can I ask Google to update or remove the page. moreover how to remove a page from search engine that was already ...

How to Hide TabPages dynamicaly

Hi..! I am working on Windows application using c#, in which I am using a TabControl. What I have to do is to open a tabpage dynamicaly on user's choice i.e if the user clicks on the NewUser button then the "New User" tabpage should get open ...

AppendAllLines() function in .Net framework 3.5 or similar

Hi ! I was using System.IO.File.AppendAllLines() function in .Net Framework 4.0 but due to some reason I have to migrate my project into .Net Framework 3.5. But in .Net Framework 3.5 I am not able to use this function. Following is the ...

How to get value after merging two columns from two different DataTables?

Hi..! I am working on a Asp.Net application where I got stuck in a issue in which I have to merge two column values of different DataTable into another DataTable.... If anyone has any idea please help...! Thanks in advance

403 Error Unable to load the HTML Page

Hi, I have a issue in trying to access a page on my website When I try to open the html page it gives me an error 403 "You do not have permission to access/main/menu.html on this server." I have also changed the permission of the folder....

URL rewriting using .htaccess

Hi, I was trying to rewrite a URL in .htaccess file on particular range of id's from 40 to 900. But it is not working as it is supposed to be. Actually I want to redirect page if there is any Id from 40 to 190. But is also redirecting ids lik...

Upload multiple files using REST service with AngularJS and Spring MVC

Hi I am using Spring MVC with Java Config and defined some rest-services. Spring at sever side and AngularJS at client side. I want to upload more then one CSV files from AngularJS site using REST service. How will be done using Spring MVC ...

I am unable to run Tomcat7 with upgraded Java 8

Hi I am trying to upgrade my server(Ubuntu 14.10 + tomacat7) to Java8 from Java7 but I am getting the following error and not sure what is still referring to java-7. $ sudo service tomcat7 start * Starting Tomcat servlet engine tomc...

Tomcat application server hangs while Deploying web application directory

Hi I have installed Tomcat application server(Apache Tomcat/7.0.61) in an Ubuntu server(Ubuntu 14.10). When I am starting tomcat server it hangs at deployment stage and try to http://localhost:8080 on browser, its taking more time to load a...

Delete duplicate records from Excel and copy into other Excel file in java

Hi I want to move duplicate record from one excel file to another excel file using java. Thanks in advance.

What is best approach for error handling in c programming?

Hello Guys I am writing a program for error handling in c programming but I am confusing to choose best approach for handle error from if-else and switch-case. Please explain with suitable example and guide me best approach. Thanks in adva...

c programming error codes

can any body tell me c programming error codes i am not able to understand the things

How to make the rental product and invoice for OPENERP-8 (ODOO)

Hi Friends, Please help me with the Problem below I want to make the rental product along with invoice for it in OPENERP-8 (ODOO).

How to Solve display several calculated fields on a single form view in OpenErp-8

Hi Friends, Please help me with the error, How to Solve display several calculated fields on a single form view in OpenErp-8.

how to setup credit card payment method for openErp7 in POin Of Sale

Hi Friends, Please help me,how to setup credit card payment method for OpenErp in Point Of Sale.

How to identify the network usage of your particular application in android?

Hello Tech Nerds, I have created an app for Android devices and now I am looking to find out, how much Network usages is this app utilizing. or we can say that, how to identify the network usage of your particular application in android? Pl...

How to solve PostgresSQL Error connecting to the server:received invalid response to ssl negotition

Hi Friends, Please help me with the error ,when I am opening my database(pg-admin) in window server 2008 R2 It is giving me below mentioned error. Error connecting to the server:received invalid response to SSL Negotiation

How to solve Internal Server Error (database) werkzeug: Error on request: ?

Please help me with the error When I am restarting my OpenERP server. It is giving me below mentioned error.. Internal Server Error (database) werkzeug: Error on request: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/...

How to included a timer on a web page

hello all, I want to include a timer on a web page which is designed for taking online test like on this website whose link is as followed Please suggest me how can I do that .

Difference between variable declaration globally and locally

During my project work I was working on a code in which I was getting segmentation fault on initialization of two variables of float data type whose dimensions where 1000 cross 1800 for both of them, but when I declared the variables globally pro...

Including video on web pages

Hello all I need some help regarding in HTML, the problem is that I want to include video lectures on my web page, I want to dynamically update the lectures in the web page which I add on the default folder for video lectures . can you please s...

How to improve my app using TimeProfiler?

I am using TimeProfiler for the first time. And I have read RayWanderlich's blog to get understanding of TimeProfiler. How I can improve the performance in my app. I am showing the screenshots from the TimeProfiler that might help in analysing...

Can't enable virtualization on my system (HP probook 4530s)

Hi there, I am not able to enable virtualization through BIOS as I am getting grey text there (for the virtualization option) and not able to click on the checkbox. Once earlier when I was using windows 7 I setted up pre boot security password...

Memory error during clustering.

Hello Everyone, I have to do clustering on a data set, the size of my current data set is 10000 x 3 in form of tab separated value and the elements of data set are integers. For clustering was using MATLAB Artificial Neural Netw...

Same class not working properly on different element

Hi all, I have a question about class performance, i use a class on two element first is an input type button and second is an anchor tag (a) both are looking different. Why it happens can anybody have any proper answer. Thank you in adv...

Data download problem using apache-flume from Twitter

Hello Everyone, Nowdays I was trying to learn how to handle Big Data, the framework I am currently using is Apache Hadoop. Now I need large amount of data for testing for getting large amount of data I was using apache-flume to download tweets...

WiFi adapter not working on window 8.1

Hey everyone My WiFi adapter is not working due to some driver problem, WiFi adapter model number is Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 820.11 b/g/n WiFi Adapter. It is working fine with window 7 but when I installed Window 8.1 it stopped working I searc...

Comparing float with a value

Hi everyone, I was looking at two C programs given here below, attached in the question.txt file. I can't write my code here because in the preview section my code looks very ambiguous. These codes are giving different outputs but i was thinki...

Undergraduate Project

Hey folks, I am very confuse about to choose a project that i have to work on this semester and the topics are right shown below:- 1- Data mining 2- Natural language processing 3- Machine Learning 4- Graphics You great people just give me ...

How to tokenize the simple Hello World program of C/c++ language.?

Hello all. Can anyone help me to create a C/C++ program to tokenize the simple Hello World??

Floyd cycle detection

Can anybody tell me the complexity of Floyd cycle detection algorithm in singly linked list with proof.

Why Google is not Picking Correct Meta Title on Search Result?

Hello All, There are several blogs posted in the blog section of and out of which some of the blogs are not indexed in the Google search results with the correct "Meta Title" which it was supposed to pick by the current title ...

How to stop Google from Indexing a Page

Hello all, I do not want some of my web pages to be Indexed by Google or we can say I want to keep some of my Web Pages Out of Search Results. For this, How can I Tell Google Not to Index a Page in Search Results.

Return To Merchant Error pay-pal

Hello Everyone, I am using the express checkout recurring API for Paypal on my site. When I am using the live credentials on the API of pay-pal account, getting "return to merchant"-error and redirecting me to another window instead of the...

How to check if string arraylist is sorted?

Hello everyone, Can anyone help me with the below query- How to check if string array list is sorted or not?

Does Specific Location Hosting Effect SEO?

Hello, I just want to know if specific location website hosting have any impact on seo. For example- My business is in India and I want to host it in USA server, so will it be harmful for seo.
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