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Program for most effective copying of files to usb

I usually have to copy a group of files to one or more USB drive. It quite difficult to send the files to the USB drives in the most effective and efficient way so that from a group of files, the ones that fit with the least amount of free space ...

How to find covariance Matrix?

I am very new to python, in fact this is my first code in python. I am attempting to find the covariance matrix for 4 rows of data with each element having a decreasing weight datewise   I have performed the calculations on excel al...

Query String surfacing on my URls during the Google Search Results!

While entering the URL of my website, I’m getting the URL back but with  added query strings. I have tried disallowing the robots.txt file as Disallow: /*? and received a message stating:   ‘A description for this...

Firebase With Facebook

Hello, Im building a web-app using react with Firebase as DB. my plan is to skip the Server writing and working with Firebase on the lowest level of security. I know its very unsecured that way but my priority is the client using React. im ...

Is there any difference between 404 and Soft 404 Error? If Yes, Then Why They are Different?

I had often heard about Soft 404 error and bit confused why 404 error is called as Soft 404 error, so can anyone help me to know is their other 404 error too, if yes what is the

Language & Web Framework Ensuring Backend Integration with e-Commerce Sites?

Which language & web app framework to code software to ensure integrability with backend of most number of consumer product e-commerce sites?

Appropriate Partitioning

Given an array A of integers, choose 2 non-empty disjoint subsets X and Y such that ratio of sum of elements of X and Y is as close to 1 as possible. Given, Α : {a1, a2, .... aN} Find, X : {x1, x2....xK} Y : {y1, y2.....yM} ...

Your thoughts about Guerrilla Marketing!

I have heard Guerrilla Marketing is made for small businesses and doesn’t require a big budget. My new content marketing business needs social presence and media attention. Please share some great tips on successful execution of the guerril...

Making a Bar Graph on Rstudio with markdown

So I am using this data on Rstudio with markdown, but it reads that there is an error on the top line: Can you tell me how to fix this chunk of code so that it properly displays a barplot with the data from the link given? ```{r} ADHD_data ...

What are ATL, TTL & BTL Marketing Activities? How they are used for branding?

Dear Nerds, I want to understand about the ATL, TTL and BTL marketing activities and how can I utilize these activities for brand promotion and to reach out to the target customers. Besides, it would be great if anyone can explain...

How will Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence impact the marketing in year 2017 and beyond?

Hello Friends! Can someone guide me about how Machine Learning and AI will impact the marketing in year 2017 and beyond?  

Network provider and GPS provider working together, need to separate the both based on available providers

I am trying to develop an android application that gets the device latitude and longitude using GPS or Network providers, whichever is available for the process. The code works perfectly fine when the device's GPS is on but unfortunately it n...

Data Structure and Design for Java object model based on Aggregating Data?

Am working on a coding exercise which I am somewhat confused on how to implement a solution.  According to the JavaDoc, I have to implement this EmployeeManager interface. Presume that employee data arrives in a separate thread from ot...

Import modules

I downloaded a python package, and installed it using pip command in Windows PowerShell. I cut-pasted site-package folder to the PATH where python is installed. But still when I import the module in python shell, it says that the module is not fo...

Converting a Webpage to RSS Feed

Is there any free service which can convert a webpage to RSS feed? I have used Page2RSS, but it is no longer there.

Looking for a mentor that is proficient in Python

I just started college and would like to know if someone is willing to be a mentor. I just started my freshman year at college and the teacher is starting to ask us to code already. I would like to meet someone that would be able to answer questi...

Create Configuration Files in AWS and Resolve URL Re-direction in Django App

1. Create configuration files that achieve the following    - Creates a VPC with appropriate settings for an Elastic Beanstalk environment to run within it    - Deploys a dockerized Django app to Elastic Beanstalk on AWS i...

Is RSS dead? If not - how do you use it for brand and web promotion?

Hi all! How many of us are still using the RSS feed? What RSS aggregators are most efficient and widely used to promote business through digital marketing? Also many believe RSS is dead, do let me know why it is a waste of time? Thanks!

What is This Php Method Called For Tracking Links On Foreign Domains (Web Proxies)?

Php Experts, I am a complete beginner in Php. Trying to learn Php 7 as much as I can. I need your help to point me to the right direction. What kind of method in Php 7 is used to track URLs belonging to a foreign domain ? I mean, you all...

Where Can I Find Best PHP 7 Tutorials For Complete Beginners

I would like to learn PHP 7. PHP 7 tutorials are available online for those who already know previous version which I don't know. Please resolve my following questions: Q1. What are your top best Php 7 tutorials (paperback books, eb...

Please Recommend Android Apps & Game Apps Tutorials For Beginners

I would like to learn Android Apps and Android Games Apps development. Only latest version of the compiler as of Jan 2017.  I have a couple of questions regarding this, please help me with these queries. Q1. What are your top best Android...

Can You Recommend Python Tutorials For Complete Beginners?

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,  I would like to learn Python. Only latest version as of Jan 2017. I have a couple of question that I'm looking answer from you: Q1. What are your top best Python (latest version) programming tutoria...

Advice on creating a Winning Freelance Writing Proposal!

I am writing a proposal for freelance work. I do freelance writing in spare time and have around 2 years of experience. So far, I’ve mentioned my skills and past experiences. However, I am still struggling to work it out properly. What else...

changes in Web UI should reflect in android App

The changes that i do in Web UI, say if i add a tab in Web UI, then that tab should appear in android app dynamically.   Is there a way i can achieve this ?? Is there a way to get information about UI components from server a...

Can we integrate OculusRift SDK with Adobe AIR? How?

Hi, Recently working on a indie game on as3 Flex, need to know if i can integrate OculusRift SDK with Adobe AIR to make it a multi platform game and available on the latest platforms too.

How to perform complete Twitter Automation

Hi, I have created a new business page and would like to gain some exposure through Twitter. What is the best tool to automate tweets, retweets, like, follow, unfollow people, etc? Thanks

Nullpointer exception crash when I click the intent, Don't know what to do??

I'm trying to make an android app but I encoutered this error and I don't know what to do and why is it showing from the first place, the app crashes with the following error in the log:     E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCE...

java problem

  what is the problem here?please help me package help; import java.util.Date; import java.sql.*; import java.util.logging.Level; import java.util.logging.Logger; public class Help { public static void main(String[] args)...

Access from external py script

Hi, I am trying to integrate my existing code into django. How do i access from my external code.I tried putting it in the same apps directory it did not work. Is there a way ?  My Case: I have a web parsing code that takes data...

What are the efficient and time saving ways to get the Email Ids of potential clients from a specific domain?

I don’t have time to review the entire directory database and buying an email list is expensive. Please suggest the more cost-effective and less time consuming approach to get the job done. Thanks!

Difference between an Interpreter and a Compiler?

Hello Everyone, I am stuck somewhere and it would be really great if you help me out regarding this query in order to clear my confusion. What's the difference between an Interpreter and a Compiler? Thank you

What are some good Content Marketing Tools?

Im looking for some good content marketing tools to help me speed up my work flow and provide me with better quality content form my blog. Any suggestions please?

How can i arrive at the my expected output in my android project?

Hello friends how can i arrive at my expected output in my android project? Currently, I am getting all the output values such as brand,model,type,variant as integers instead of text. Actually i need my result as  RegNo: TN10D5551 B...

Write a program in java to evaluate and print the value of mathematical function: f(x,y) = 2x2 - y + 3

Write a program in java  to evaluate and print the value of the following mathematical function: f(x,y) = 2x2 - y + 3 Vary the values of x and y according to the following table and prints the values of f(x,y) as shown in the table. ...

How to track my viral posts?

Kindly suggest some ways to track my most viral posts on Facebook so I could use that information to my advantage.  

How and Where to concentrate your ad budgets?

 Hey Guys! I’m in distress!   With a pretty small budget of around $ 60 a month, prioritizing an online ad budget is a cumbersome job. I would like to spend it more effectively. I currently spend the biggest percentage of my ...

Source Code: Track the user activity on video portal using JSP and Servlet

How do I track the user activity on video portal using JSP and Servlet? Thanks in Advance

What are the amazing ways to advertise about my affiliate program?

Hello Guys, I own an online ecommerce store and have opted for affiliate program to drive more sales. How can I promote my program and reach out to the maximum audience? Are sites like shareasale and commision junction worth signing for? Is th...

Countdown using PHP or Jquery

<?php $time=time(); $time_out=$time-60*24; if($userInfo['deleteTime'] < $time_out){ $countTime=$userInfo['deleteTime'] - $time_out ?> ...

Apple Pay - WEB Integration through Braintree - how to create Certificate for the Sandbox / Development Environment?

Hi, 1) I want to integrate Apple Pay on my website (so it's a Apple Pay - Web Integration), using the Braintree payment provider, JS as a client side language and Java as a server side language.   I'm having difficulties cre...

How can Facebook CPA increase without any change to Campaign?

I had launched a FB campaign to target the users, interesting in a musical event 15 days ago.   For the first week, I was seeing $0.45 CPA (people clicking Going to the event or Interested), the figure has drastically increased to around $2...

Page Isn't Redirecting Properly Error in Magento Application

While working on a Magento allication for eCommerce website, I am getting "Page Isn't Redirecting Properly Error". Can anyone let me know how to resolve this issue.

What happens when a person reports an offensive or abusive content on the Social Networks?

Reporting any piece of abusive content must be a remarkable task. I wonder what happens after a social post is reported.

I cant use 4gsim in LG flex 2 LS996

hi, please help me i am not able to use 4g sim in my LG LS996 3g sim are working my phone is fully supported 4g sim but why i don't know this happens the phone is in india now its also unable to enter APN its shows only VPN 

How can LinkedIn Publisher assist in expanding Business?

I have an impressive LinkedIn profile with around 1200 followers. I like to understand how LinkedIn Publisher can be used for content syndication and other purposes for my Blogging and Internet Marketing business needs.

ListView is not getting displayed on selecting an item from spinner. What to do?

I am creating two spinners: One for City and the other for Area in that particular city. As per the selection made by the user in the above spinners, a ListView will be displayed which will be different for different combinations of selections ma...

What's the best resource and format for notification sounds in an app?

Hi all, I am working on notification sound in android can anyone suggest me the best resource and format for the same.

Attachment Download Feature : Streaming huge(> 1 GB) data string from javascript to JSP

Hi All, Feature Goal : To send a huge(sized) string data from javascript side to JSP and download that data as an attachment to user's machine. Current behavior : We are sending limited sized data in post body (<= 25M...

What are some good Play Store alternatives to submit my App to?

Hello everyone, I want to know about some good alternatives where I can publish my app. I know about getjar and appbrain but I am interested in finding more.   Thanks in Advance
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