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Has anybody used Google Song Recognition for their App?

 I'm working on an App which recognizes a song and draws similar song recommendations from Echo Nest. I want to know if Google Song Recognition is any good and how easy/hard it is to implement.

How to resize attach image and view it (can see original size)?

Hye. I am Nabilah and below is my Java code at Jframe in netbeans. It is code about attach file or imageto display to Jframe.  Here I hope someone can help me 1. how to resize image (stadardize the size I upload) that already attached and...

how to measure for whole head in opencv on android

  I need assistance in measuring the circumferene of a human head. And also the diagonal distance between two points depicted by the beads on the head.I just want a starting point to build an application on an ...

Help me increase my Twitter followers!

Hey Guys!  I made the twitter account in 2010 while I graduated from college. Back then, Twitter wasn’t that cool, neither hyped nor important so I stuck to FB and Orkut. But now, I’m in an immediate need to get my Twitter channe...

How to Refresh Google Adsense After Some Time for a Game Page ??

Hello Friends,   I have a gaming website in which I am running Google AdSense advertisements, now I want to update the advertisements on my gaming page to show new one. So I want to know how to refresh Google AdSense after some time to...

Change DNS Server Setting with Client?

I am very new in socket programming. I installed windows server 2008 and DNS server on VMware. Now I want to change DNS server settings via client with PowerShell. What should I do?

Need Help for Turning Page Effect like Google Play Books

Hi Android Developers,   I am a Android Developer ,  i was trying to develop  Turning Page Effect for sliding my views for few days but not able to do it , can any one help me out in it . for your reference here ...

Is it a good option to opt for game development for pitching up my career ?

Can anybody explain to me if libgdx is a worthy option to get into game development? I just came across it in my research for taking up Game Development as my career path but am confused like what are its advantages and limitations?  

How do I read the contents of a .CSV excel file into into a vector of objects?

Hello I am in need of help in reading the contents of this .csv file into a vector array of objects. What i mean is how do I read each individual field example: (GIFT-01 Fresch Foundation (703) 555-0054 Lopez T-Shirts Clothing 25) ...

How to find out slow queries in MySQL?

Hello everyone, Please help me regarding the use of slow queries in MySQL. I want to know how can I find out slow queries in MySQL and What is optimal query time to query a single table of 3 Million records on Indexed column?? Thank you

What are the Common Causes of Project Management Failure?

In my previous organization, I was partly involved with project management. During my short tenure of six months, I immediately noticed that a large number of projects fail? Help me with the possible reasons?

Best Hosting providers for .Net 4 / MVC 4 application and how to deploy the web application on iis server?

As I am a beginner in programming domain , I have developed an application in dotnet. The application is implemented in Dotnet framework 4/ MVC4. This is my first ever hosting experience so I'm confused because I don’t know much abou...

I failed to customize array adapter

Problem facing in customization of array adapter I am want to 1) fetch data from a SQL server 2008 2) display fetched data into a list view. After successfully I tried to display data with a listview, I fetched two column data that&...

How can i print values of array in this program? it is printing the key?

 In program below, I  want to print values of array but it is printing the key, can someone help. <?php $CHAMP = array("ESP"=>"BARCELONA", "GER"=>"BAYERN", "POR"=>"BENFICA","ENG"=>"CHELSIA"); $TEAM = array("ESP"=...

Passing XML string to a stored procedure?

I am really really confused about how to convert string data that I get from a form and convert it to a XMLstring and pass the XML string to a stored procedure in Java. Please help me out. So, Let's say:- Post () method- String a = r...

Which PHP Framework is easiest to learn?

Hello Readers,  I am Fresher in a company and working as a HTML Developer. Now a days, I am planning to learn PHP, So I want to know which PHP framework is easy to learn?

passing id from function to another in php?

I have PHP MySQL functions and I need to pass the id number from one function to another and each function are called in different page. I'm using the URL to pass the variable. I don't know if that is possible but can I use session to pas...

What can you do if your app content rating is overridden for a particular country?

In developer console it showing me "Your app has been refused classification by Google Play in South Korea". It means my app is "unrated" and is blocked in certain countries or for specific list of users. What should i do t...

Shell Script

HI everyone, I need help plz, to write a Linux shell script : write a utility program called spy that enables you to do just that. spy repeatedly scans the system process table, displaying processes that have started or ended since the last scan...

What does the term "non-autistic" mean when talking about AI?

Recently, I was watching a Hollywood sci-fi movie Ex Machina, and in that a term non-autistic is used "it's kind of non-autistic" I was wondering what this term means when taking about Artificial intelligence.

How is brand building done using Social Media?

I do see how marketers perceive Social Media as a good communication and consumer engagement tool. But the harsh reality is that majority of the social media channels including Twitter and Facebook don't have rich media formats to facilitate ...

string manipulation & PDF file

First of all, thank you for trying to help me. It should be simple , but I think I am missing something I have an HTML file that it’s used to produce a pdf file and gets date from a screen selection It is about string manipulation (ex...

ImgView should change Background by clicking Img Button

hello i have 1 img view and 3 imgbutton i want to set the img view background as same as img button click means imgbutton 1 click the image view should get img button1 background

How to Insert, Delete, Update in GridView in ASP.Net using C#.?

Hi Guys I am beginner in mvc and currently working on project.Please tell me how to Insert, Delete, Update in GridView in ASP.Net using C#. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks

Ads in ActionScript

Is there any Adobe AS3 ANE that has all option to add Native AdMod ads to my game??

how to consume wsdl web service using gsoap in c++

I am creating a login form for that, for the validation purposes i need to consume 1 particular web service. I am using Gsoap to call that web service , I followed all the steps and its generate .h files as well as all those stubs for the client ...

Earning Benefits with Admob used in application?

How much can I expect to earn with Admob Interstitials, Banners, Medium Rectangle Ads with 400 daily users spending 20 minutes each on my App? What should be the frequency to show each type of Ad?

Videoplayer widget libraries on Github that you have used?

Hello!!! I have found a problem to create the required video player. Anyone please suggest any nice video player widget library on github that you have used. Please help!!!

What are some must have Util classes so I don't have to reinvent the wheel everytime?

Just wanted  to know that What are the important util classes or the functions I need to put in the util classes, that can optimise my code as well as save time.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to Project Management?

Please suggest some common mistakes to avoid during Project Management especially dealing with software development, web development, etc. Thanks in advance!

Manage new windows in GeckoFX webbrowser

Hi there. I have been studying web automation for a while, using GeckoFX. Now I have encountered a problem - I cannot found any information about how to control GeckoFX's Webbrowser in new windows. Opening popups is integrated in GeckoF...

Php mail function if statement

  I want to use another if statement in below mail function with failure message. so when mail will not sent it can display failure message on the screen <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ $to = ""; // this...

Resizing Sprites in AS3

Can anyone help to know, How can I resize sprite in AS3 without scaling the child elements?

What common CMS do we have for .Net alike Django for Python and WordPress?

Hello, I am a new in programming platform I knew PHP but had just started learning .NET, I was wondering, If Django is a goto for Python and WordPress for PHP, what common CMS do we have for .Net, if any?

What are your Top three favorite Apps in terms of UX and UI?

Can you please suggest me three best Favourite app related to UI/UX designs. ( Like Color theme, Fonts, Iconography, Look & feel, Text spacing, Simple and elegant ).

What are the most remarkable features in a Project Management Software?

Choosing an ideal Project Management tool is difficult. Some are offering Giant Charts, Real time communication others are offering Bug Tracking, Calendar, etc. I want to choose the most ideal tool which can perform the PM operations with ease an...

Which is faster on DOM manipulator? AngularJS or jQuery?

Hi. I am a fresher and a front-end developer. I have just started to use AngularJS a while ago. And I find it a very powerful framework. It's all great! I am also used to jQuery like any other developer. I just want to know which works fas...

Explain like I'm 10, when and why should I move my site to https from http?

I am new in web development. I notice that in web url there are two typs url 'http' and 'https'. I dont know the deference of these two also when and why we should change it from http to https. Any can can help me to understand t...

How to delete sms in system database

I'm working on a project in which all incoming from one service center (may have multiple hotlines). All messages will display in my app. User can swipe to delete each message or multi-select messages to delete. I can't delete th...

Crossing the Desert

In this problem, you will compute how much food you need to purchase for a trip across the desert on foot. At your starting location, you can purchase food at the general store and you can collect an unlimited amount of free water. The dese...

Which is the best, most comprehensive and easiest library for Graphs (all in one or separately) based on your experie...

Hey, I am new to JS and trying to integrate graphs in website. Currently I am using only jQuery library for my code logics, so what library should I use for graphs? Any help would be appreciated.

How to detect object on image or camera on android?

Find object/marker also give distance from camera to  using android and OpenCV Image 1:   Image 2:

How can Microsoft Hololens be Made Available in India?

HoloLens, an augmented reality head-mounted smartglasses made by Microsoft that runs the Windows Holographic platform under the Win 10 OS has been just released on October 12, 2016 and is ready for developers to pre-order in Australia, Ireland, F...

Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

Hello Marketers, I want to know, how is an effective content marketing strategy helpful to achieve the business goals and what should be a good strategy to drive overall business forward? It would be great if anyone can expla...

How to Validate & Process Data Before Posting into Payment Processing Site?

Need to post data to a payment processing website - but need to validate and preprocess first Apologies if this is a dumb question. I am not an experienced web programmer. I am trying to integrate an online payment processing site with my o...

I can get Internet Connection, However I cannot download APK File (Kitkat and Lollipop)

I have problem related on internet connection in Android x-86 version 5.1 (Lollipop) and version 4.4 (Kitkat). I run that android emulators on VM-ware. I used bridged connection. I use android-x86-4.4-r5.iso for Kitkat and android-x86-5.1-rc.i...

Guest Account in Remix OS cannot Get Internet Connection

I use my administrator account, I can access internet both my android applications and web browser (Chrome). But when I change to be a guest account in Remix OS, I cannot get any internet connectivity. I installed Remix OS on VM-ware.&nbs...

Help me with the Tools to Check Web Technology Used on Website

Is there a tool which allows me to see what technology stack does the big sites like Google and Reddit use? I know "Builtwith" is one, can you specify any other?

Ask to complete the class

Hi, I was given a test to complete but unsure how I can use the apache commons in some methods. I have attached the file. Appreciate all your help.   package interview; import java.text.ParseException; import java.text.SimpleD...

Help in my test for Apache Commons

Hi, I was given a test to use the following in my methods. Those were pre-imported and I need to figure out how I can use it in the class they provided to me   import org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils; import org.apache.commons.l...
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