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Edit Exisiting pdf using fpdi

Im using FPDI library for writing existing pdf file but my code is writing only 1 page ..why? please require_once '../includes/fpdf/fpdf.php'; require_once '../includes/fpdf/fpdi.php'; $pdf = new FPDI(); $pageCount = $pdf->setSour...

Website Problem

Hi mates! actually I am working on woo-commerce site but i want to display product of other sites like amazon and want to earn money. is some one have any idea, how should i build that site??

SMS Gateway

Hi gays please tell me is there any free SMS API Gateway? If you know a free gateway then please suggest me.

How to set crone for scheduling Push notifications?

hello I want to send automatic server notifications (push) on every Sunday. Also is there any way how to activate the new links activate only after 24 hrs.

Fetch Outlook contacts using PHP imap

Is there any way to get Outlook contacts using PHP imap functions? I need urgent help please

Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using Phone gap or Sencha

How to implement Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using Phone gap or Sencha Using Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using phone gap or sencha?

How to use feeds module in drupal to import feeds from other websites?

I want to import blogs and articles from other sites into my drupal website. I also want to import youtube videos in different content type.

How to list all child pages of current parent page in drupal 7?

Suppose I have parent pages A1 and B1. A1 has child pages A1.1, A1.2,A1.3 and B1 has child pages B1.1, B1.2. I want to list all the respective child pages on A1 and B1. In every child page I have an image and a title. These 2 information needs ...

How to Get Current Latitude and Longitude Location in Drupal 7

I need to get my current location Latitude and Longitude in Drupal7. Which module should I use and what will be the process of using that module?

403 Error Unable to load the HTML Page

Hi, I have a issue in trying to access a page on my website When I try to open the html page it gives me an error 403 "You do not have permission to access/main/menu.html on this server." I have also changed the permission of the folder....

URL rewriting using .htaccess

Hi, I was trying to rewrite a URL in .htaccess file on particular range of id's from 40 to 900. But it is not working as it is supposed to be. Actually I want to redirect page if there is any Id from 40 to 190. But is also redirecting ids lik...

How to included a timer on a web page

hello all, I want to include a timer on a web page which is designed for taking online test like on this website whose link is as followed Please suggest me how can I do that .
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