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Advice on creating a Winning Freelance Writing Proposal!

I am writing a proposal for freelance work. I do freelance writing in spare time and have around 2 years of experience. So far, I’ve mentioned my skills and past experiences. However, I am still struggling to work it out properly. What else...

changes in Web UI should reflect in android App

The changes that i do in Web UI, say if i add a tab in Web UI, then that tab should appear in android app dynamically.   Is there a way i can achieve this ?? Is there a way to get information about UI components from server a...

Can we integrate OculusRift SDK with Adobe AIR? How?

Hi, Recently working on a indie game on as3 Flex, need to know if i can integrate OculusRift SDK with Adobe AIR to make it a multi platform game and available on the latest platforms too.

How to perform complete Twitter Automation

Hi, I have created a new business page and would like to gain some exposure through Twitter. What is the best tool to automate tweets, retweets, like, follow, unfollow people, etc? Thanks

Nullpointer exception crash when I click the intent, Don't know what to do??

I'm trying to make an android app but I encoutered this error and I don't know what to do and why is it showing from the first place, the app crashes with the following error in the log:     E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCE...

java problem

  what is the problem here?please help me package help; import java.util.Date; import java.sql.*; import java.util.logging.Level; import java.util.logging.Logger; public class Help { public static void main(String[] args)...

Access from external py script

Hi, I am trying to integrate my existing code into django. How do i access from my external code.I tried putting it in the same apps directory it did not work. Is there a way ?  My Case: I have a web parsing code that takes data...

What are the efficient and time saving ways to get the Email Ids of potential clients from a specific domain?

I don’t have time to review the entire directory database and buying an email list is expensive. Please suggest the more cost-effective and less time consuming approach to get the job done. Thanks!

Difference between an Interpreter and a Compiler?

Hello Everyone, I am stuck somewhere and it would be really great if you help me out regarding this query in order to clear my confusion. What's the difference between an Interpreter and a Compiler? Thank you

What are some good Content Marketing Tools?

Im looking for some good content marketing tools to help me speed up my work flow and provide me with better quality content form my blog. Any suggestions please?

How can i arrive at the my expected output in my android project?

Hello friends how can i arrive at my expected output in my android project? Currently, I am getting all the output values such as brand,model,type,variant as integers instead of text. Actually i need my result as  RegNo: TN10D5551 B...

Write a program in java to evaluate and print the value of mathematical function: f(x,y) = 2x2 - y + 3

Write a program in java  to evaluate and print the value of the following mathematical function: f(x,y) = 2x2 - y + 3 Vary the values of x and y according to the following table and prints the values of f(x,y) as shown in the table. ...

How to track my viral posts?

Kindly suggest some ways to track my most viral posts on Facebook so I could use that information to my advantage.  

How and Where to concentrate your ad budgets?

 Hey Guys! I’m in distress!   With a pretty small budget of around $ 60 a month, prioritizing an online ad budget is a cumbersome job. I would like to spend it more effectively. I currently spend the biggest percentage of my ...

Source Code: Track the user activity on video portal using JSP and Servlet

How do I track the user activity on video portal using JSP and Servlet? Thanks in Advance

What are the amazing ways to advertise about my affiliate program?

Hello Guys, I own an online ecommerce store and have opted for affiliate program to drive more sales. How can I promote my program and reach out to the maximum audience? Are sites like shareasale and commision junction worth signing for? Is th...

Countdown using PHP or Jquery

<?php $time=time(); $time_out=$time-60*24; if($userInfo['deleteTime'] < $time_out){ $countTime=$userInfo['deleteTime'] - $time_out ?> ...

Apple Pay - WEB Integration through Braintree - how to create Certificate for the Sandbox / Development Environment?

Hi, 1) I want to integrate Apple Pay on my website (so it's a Apple Pay - Web Integration), using the Braintree payment provider, JS as a client side language and Java as a server side language.   I'm having difficulties cre...

How can Facebook CPA increase without any change to Campaign?

I had launched a FB campaign to target the users, interesting in a musical event 15 days ago.   For the first week, I was seeing $0.45 CPA (people clicking Going to the event or Interested), the figure has drastically increased to around $2...

Page Isn't Redirecting Properly Error in Magento Application

While working on a Magento allication for eCommerce website, I am getting "Page Isn't Redirecting Properly Error". Can anyone let me know how to resolve this issue.

What happens when a person reports an offensive or abusive content on the Social Networks?

Reporting any piece of abusive content must be a remarkable task. I wonder what happens after a social post is reported.

I cant use 4gsim in LG flex 2 LS996

hi, please help me i am not able to use 4g sim in my LG LS996 3g sim are working my phone is fully supported 4g sim but why i don't know this happens the phone is in india now its also unable to enter APN its shows only VPN 

How can LinkedIn Publisher assist in expanding Business?

I have an impressive LinkedIn profile with around 1200 followers. I like to understand how LinkedIn Publisher can be used for content syndication and other purposes for my Blogging and Internet Marketing business needs.

ListView is not getting displayed on selecting an item from spinner. What to do?

I am creating two spinners: One for City and the other for Area in that particular city. As per the selection made by the user in the above spinners, a ListView will be displayed which will be different for different combinations of selections ma...

What's the best resource and format for notification sounds in an app?

Hi all, I am working on notification sound in android can anyone suggest me the best resource and format for the same.

Attachment Download Feature : Streaming huge(> 1 GB) data string from javascript to JSP

Hi All, Feature Goal : To send a huge(sized) string data from javascript side to JSP and download that data as an attachment to user's machine. Current behavior : We are sending limited sized data in post body (<= 25M...

What are some good Play Store alternatives to submit my App to?

Hello everyone, I want to know about some good alternatives where I can publish my app. I know about getjar and appbrain but I am interested in finding more.   Thanks in Advance

Is it possible to make $1000 (or more) a month online?

I don’t want to work for as a regular employee for a company. However ‘Freelance’ options are always open. Besides freelancing, what other small business venture / ideas could pull a $1000 -  $1200 monthly income. I have a ...

Android Help

Hello Friends,I m developing an android app based on Gym Management System Well I have complete the CURD part coding now I only want attendance and fees remainder coding section please Help me out guys or guide me 

How to share image with text on Facebook using intent filter in Android..?

Hello, I want to share the image and text on facebook using intent filter not with facebook sdk. Is there any way to do this..? Thanks in advance  

What's the difference, if any, between "Boost post" and "Create Ad" on Facebook?

I am running a company page on Facebook and I have already boosted many posts. I am also researching for how to create an ad campaign but I am a little confused between "Boosting a Post" and "Creating Ad Campaign". &nb...

Need help making this code more easy to understand

Given are the following three functions on integers: f(x) = x2 g(x) = x + 1 h(x) = x  - 1 Implement these functions in C. Next, write a program that accepts on its input an integer n followed by a series of letters f, g, and h termin...

How to get difference between two or more arrays in PHP?

Hi everyone, I am a beginner and have been learning various programming languages like PHP, DotNet, Java etc. I faced an issue regarding php programming in which I wanted to learn how we can find out the difference between two or more arrays base...

How to use webui-popover with dynamically generated table (JQuery)

I have a table outputting some results to the screen in tabular form. For each table row, I have a column with an icon (more). What I want to achieve is that for each icon, on click, it shows a pop-over, similar to what Tidal does. But so far, it...

What is The Difference Between SEO and SEM?

As far as I'm concerned, It is pretty true that SEO is a part of SEM. But some people have their different opinion on this concept and they think these two are different terms.   Can anyone make me understand are these two terms SE...

How can we generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget?

My friend’s Startup is left with no reserves and we are left with 7 days before launch. She is not expecting any investment in coming 3 months not even from her family members. We need to start selling quickly. Genuine tips and techniques ...

Server Side Programming

1.Modify the web.xml to turn off the three test filter filters and turn on the LogResponsesCookiesFilter filter. 2.Note how the filter works with the cookies. 3.Modify the LogResponsesCookiesFilter. The filter you implemented needs to add a...

What is the difference between an Ad Network, Ad Exchange and an Ad Mediator?

I have an online product for which I'm planning to run advertisements and for this I have heard about Ad networks, Ad exchange and Ad mediator but have confusion on their functionalities.   So, can anyone help me to understand thes...

How to refresh a Double Click for Publisher ad after 30 seconds?

Hello Nerds, In our game website, we are planning to use DFP (Double Click for Publisher) for monetization to control ad inventory and impressions. But somehow I can't figure out how to refresh ads after a set interval, let's say 30 se...

How to Add Custom Vibration Pattern Programatically

Im trying to implement custom vibration pattern programatically inside my app.kindly suggest any sample apps/ source codes  which we can add the custom vibration pattern inside code.I am able to bring the default vibration inside by adding t...

What are some of the best hybrid apps and what level of programming experience is needed to build one?

I've heard that a hybrid app is built with a combination of web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript and it can easily access hardware capabilities of the mobile device. Please enlighten me with some examples of the best hybrid apps ...

What is Li-Fi? How does Li-Fi work?

I’ve heard that Li-Fi claims to be 100 times faster than standard Wi-Fi. But what exactly is it and how does it work? Looking forward for the assistance, thanks in advance.  

Unable to open Gmail on my Laptop?

Hello nerds, From yesterday when I am trying to open Gmail it shows me some network error whereas rest of the other websites are working and opening on my system.  I tried to open Gmail on both Firefox and Chrome and the same issues co...

How can I use Reddit for marketing my business?

Dear Nerds!  I’m into E commerce business. I have heard a lot about Reddit. Please share ways to use Reddit to increase site traffic, conversions, mobile app installs. Thanks in advance

What Does AdMob 403 Error Mean and How to Resolve it?

Hello Nerds,   I am using AdMob, an account associated with AdSense for advertising my application on mobile, whenever I'm trying to login to AdMob account then, I'm getting 403 Error on the screen and some times it goes away.&...

Why we use Php Frameworks instead of CorePhp?

Hello Readers,  I am a beginner in Php and want to know why we use Php Frameworks instead of CorePhp? If, we can do all things in corePhp. So, what is the basic use and advantage to use and work on Php framework?

Countdown timer in listview android

How to add the countdown timer in the custom listview..?

What is a Backlink? How can I get more backlinks to my website?

On my pursuit of understanding SEO in a better way, I came across the term ‘backlink’. Is it an important ingredient required for a better SEO? Help me understand what Backlinks are all about and how beneficial it would be for my webs...

Any Good Tutorial To Learn Magento For Beginners ?

Hello, I am a beginner in Magento & struggling to find a good guide for beginners. Is there any good tutorial to start with ? Thanks in advance.

Button not showing in android app

Hello I have created six buttons in an app in android studio inside the Relative Layout. The buttons show OK in the preview mode of android studio but they second last one does not show when I install my app to test on a phone or an emulator. Wha...
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