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suggestions for my android app

hello guys, i m creating an android activity in which i want to scroll a group of images(any number) on the click of a manual button.Kindly suggest me any useful libraries in this regard.


hello, can somebody help me, how to add arrow left and right to this product view? do i need to use extension? if so, what extension do i need to use? or do i need to add hard code ? please help me, thanks in advance

Copying Text from Listview

hi how to copy text from listview.

How to configure Android WebView to encrypt cookies?

This has been raised as a security concern blocking the release of my Cordova application on Android 4.4 KitKat Using a SQLIte browser on a rooted device, the application session id cookie is being written in plain text into a SQLite table nam...

Zoomable List view

How to increase font sizes of list view items containing more than one textviews. on pinch - zoom gesture android? There is nothing such list view found on internet

In Wordpress, How user can fill pdf forms online and after that do online signature and send?

Hi In Wordpress, How user can fill pdf forms online and after that do online signature and send? Thanks in Advance.

Include GIF in Android Game.

Hello guys,does anyone know how to include gifs in an Android Game? Thank you!

Android + php + mySQL

Hi I am learning android application development. I have signup form and I want to connect that to my MySQL database using php. But in the API above 22 the methods are changed and I don't have any solution. Can anyone help me with php scripts an...

android game made by Unity installs twice on the device

after building the game made by Unity and installing it on the device , I found that it is installed twice check this image :

assing array to span in jquery

my response is comming in this format.... array { [0]=>abc [1]=>cde [2]=>fgh . . . . . . . . . . } I want to put this array in span.....

issue with implementing AdMob ads

after testing the game in a device , it exit after opening it directly in case of deleting the AdMob Plugin , then the game works fine after some researches , we found that the problem is because of the manifest files there`s 2 manifest ...

Checking a list of URL against a search engine to see if it is indexed.

Hi everyone. I am not a JAVA person but I have a situation where I am suppose to check some 3000+ URL if they exist in a search index. I need a java script which can fire these URL one at a time to the search engine and record back the response...

query regarding PHP

HI I got a reference of this forum from one of my friend .. i am new to PHP and i have made a clender in PHP and now i wanna display birthdays in the calender by changing th edate color and on tooltip wanna display name of student(s) of having...

Classes and Objects

I have a sample I learn of javascript creating objects. Could anyone convert this javascript code for PHP? Because I'm already studying PHP syntax for creating objects but I need get this better. check *.txt file

create object and object's combination

I need help in javascript friends I have 3 javascript array. var color = ["red", "yellow", "blue"]; var size = ["xl", "xxl", "xxxl"]; var style = ["cotton", "silk", "jins"]; and i want string like bellow line using javascript or jquery. ...

waitforseconds() method not work not working

I wrote my codes right and based on the codes in (Unity docs) but still not working , not waiting , any help ! IEnumerator wait(float waitTime) { Debug.Log("Wait"); // write this successfully yield return new WaitForSecon...

Is that possible to store some additional data along with the error flag itself, using standard Angular mechanism?

I'm manually setting ngModel.$setValidity, I'd like to pass some data along with the error flag, to be displayed in ngMessages directive. For example let's assume the min/max length of the field depends upon some external factors, thus is compute...

Is there anyone who is expert in MasterCard Integration??

I have downloaded the Mastercard SDK for PHP but it's my first time to Mastercard Integration , I am confused about the Config.ini file gasp emoticon , how I change these values given in the picture

Replacing images with text when a radio button is clicked.

I am a newbie developer to android. I am trying to develop an application as a test run it is a Q and A app. Can anyone help me with the following problem. The pages have 2 radio buttons in a radio group, the center of the page has an image...

nginx help

Does anyone knows how to work with nginx on windows?I'm trying to run an nodejs application.Can anyone help me ?

(please help) Start screen in the game scene

Hello, It was hard for me to describe sorta what I wanted in the title. But basically I know exactly what I want but for some reason it will not let me upload the picture that I have as an example. But Basically I want to have in my game scene a ...

Project Details

Hi mates! Actually i am working on woo-commerce site and i want build site like so suggest me how should i build that site? should i build in wordpress or yii-framework? if wordpress then which theme or plugin is bett...

rotate gameObjects around another gameObject

I have 19 circles in a big circle , I need to write this algorithm "in case of clicking on a centralized circle (the around circles rotate around it)" not only rotating (about the around circles - the circle should equal/assigned to it`s fo...

assigning image to a sprite renderer

I want to assign image to a sprite renderer but its not single image , its one from the cut images using sprite editor

My code Not Working On Hosting Server

Hi, My code working in my locahost wamp server. But if I uploaded it to my hosting server it's not working. Please give solution. Or reason for this problem. Thanks Here is my code : <?php session&#95;start(); if(!isset($&#9...

Magento NOT shared shopping cart possible on store level?

Hi all, I have a problem with Magento 1.9.1 i am hoping somebody can help me with. I would like to configure my shopping cart on store level. To save on costs and to have maximum interaction on one website (because google likes this) i want...

issues in setting up android Development environment

I'm having issue in setting up dev environment for android in windows 7. Using eclipse to do the setup. Tried the Android Studio but even that has issues in setup. Any help or any document that will let me know how to install and setup ADE wou...

in php for user login from facebook

i want the code in php for user login from facebook

send an event calender request through gmail in php

i wantt to send an event calender request through gmail in php...please help me in this....

Disconnect strophe js from another angular controller

Hello! I make a connection to an xmpp server using node-xmpp-bosh.From my app i'm using strophe js to connect.I have two controllers.I make connection in first controller.In second controller i want to close connection .I've tried but i need to e...

Can't login to facebook on android but working fine in editor

Hi, I was working in Unity3d version 4.5.5f and integrating facebook, problem is that when i tap login btn it prompts for username and password after authenticating it returns to app and my screen goes black.. But when i check it in editor it ...

Problem based on OOP's of C++

Please solve the problems I'm not getting the output? Please its request 1.Swap to add hours,min,secof time t1 withhours,min and sec ot time t2 2.oveload + operator using member function for 2 strings 3.overload <= operator using member fu...

Touch event

Hello, I have a doubt regarding Touch Event. Say I need to write something like my name "Sangita" with just single tap on the keypad. In short I need to automate the whole process in one touch that would otherwise take 7 touches. The first touch...

Why cordova geolocation watch doesn't working?

Hello.I'm making an application in ionic.I'm using cordova geolocation plugin.I want when i change my position location to be updated .I should see an alert but i don't see anything.What i should do ? Here is my code: $ionicPlatform ...

Splash Screen Not show in app in real device

Splash Screen Not show in app in real device after develop using phonegap

Location Watch

Hi! I'm working at an application which use location.I want my location to be updated everytime when i'm moving,without making a refresh.How i can do this?

only product images are not showing in woocomerce wordpress

I have a website in which product images and product thumbnails are not showing they are in server when i am checking from cpanel(file manager) all the images are their but not showing in fronted.

Insert Data into MySQL database from HTML SubForms

Hello EveryOne, I have 2 HTML Forms: 1. Register/Login 2. After User gets Login, He used to update details of him. I used MySql database in order to save Login details of User. And also i have another table for updating details of him aft...

Entering Values in Second table with help of Primary Key of First Table

Hello EveryOne.... Here is the scenario., In MySql database, I have two tables.. User and UserDetails... In 'User' table, i had generated userID made it as a primaryKey. For Example, 101->user1.... 102->User2 Now I need...

multiple video play

Hello, i want to select the video from database fetch it and wanna play in loop all videos one after the other in a single player in html 5/ php . plzz help >>>>

add team and charcater select to multiplayer Game using "MultiLan V3.0"

I am trying to develop multiplayer games with Unity3D and I use a plugin "MultiLAN V0.3" and I must add the functionality of the team and the character choose for my study project and I am very a hurry by time, I would be very grateful f...

Product Advertising API Error

Hi mates! I am trying to create Product Advertising API then in last step it showing "We're sorry! There was an error processing your changes. Please try again." I am trying since a day but its not working. plz help me guys...

Edit Exisiting pdf using fpdi

Im using FPDI library for writing existing pdf file but my code is writing only 1 page ..why? please require_once '../includes/fpdf/fpdf.php'; require_once '../includes/fpdf/fpdi.php'; $pdf = new FPDI(); $pageCount = $pdf->setSour...

How to clip empty space between the lines in illustrator

Hello Friend's I made a shape using the pencil and line tools in Adobe Illustrator, and now I want to fill the inside of this shape with a pattern. I use the clipping mask but every time I use clipping mask, it just clips the pattern into the ...

array in jquery

array([0]=>stdclassobject (['s_no']=1) ) is returning from ajax and i want to add this s_no's value in one textbox .....please can any one help me in jquery syntax...this is my ajax code....

How to validate the characters of the strings to the characters typing via mobile keyboard?

Hey guys i am working on the prototype like this: how can i validate the characters like in this game. And if he types wrong he is not allowed to type, Like if I need to type"Hello" , and user p...

Website Problem

Hi mates! actually I am working on woo-commerce site but i want to display product of other sites like amazon and want to earn money. is some one have any idea, how should i build that site??

C++ Problem

Target: To input the records of students. Display the whole record. Display the name of the youngest and eldest student. I'm having problem in achieving the third target: If I enter 3 or 5 entries the result is fine but as soon as I enter ...

Want to use customize fb share button

i want to share specific portion of my web page using fb share button .. bt now share button share default content ......... here is my code please help me .........
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