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Key pressed validation in angularJS

How to validate text field using regex in angularjs, Text field accept only valid input. <input type="text" name="phone"/> Above input text field allow me to enter number only.When I enter alphabet it should not accept.

Is Google GMS certification & Licensing required for Streaming Dongles ?

Can anyone please let me know if it is mandatory to get a GMS license from Google in case someone wishes to embed the Google Play Store & Youtube apk in thier Android dongle when it is shipped ? As per my understanding this is required for ...


Hi all im working on a game 2d , i want to make a space game on 2d and i all most did it but the problem is on axis it wont work :( so i need help here is my script in C# public float speed = 10; void Update() { float transl...

Ionic auth with express and mongoose

Hi! I'm trying to develop an application.But i'm a little bit confused about auth.I've seen more examples from github but their code are realy difficult and it's very hard to understand it .I need if it's possible,a small working example to under...

Share Intent

Hi , please help me to solve Android share content intent problem I want to share a Text and link to users like if user select Facebook should share only link(as facebook only accept link from native android share), if user select other app like...

API issue

I have secured Rest webservice but whenever i hit that webservice it will respond No peer certificate exception like this. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

weservice issue

whenever i call the rest api from my java code ,i received no peer certificate exception. Please help me in advance.

Tomcat and Servlet/JSP where write a file on HDD?

hi all i am use tomcat 8 and my war file initially i want write a file a .properties file, here the code: Boolean wflag = false; String wnomfile="" Properties prop = new Properties(); OutputStream output = null; System.ou...

Product is not available with In-App purchase in Phonegap

Has developed a PhoneGap application with in-app purchase. I am using PhoneGap Build. But how do I test so that in-app purchases work now? Has created an in-app purchase on the iTunes Connect and downloaded the app from the PhoneGap Build to m...

Java web error in the servlet file

Hello, I have a problem to run the next code. I have a glassfish server and I add servlet api. The problem is when I try to run it this error occurs: In-place deployment at /Users/jakublemiszewski/NetBeansProjects/JspServletTutorial/build/we...

Problem in Connection with Ejabberd server using Smack Api

Hello ! I am having an issue regarding connection with ejabberd server. Image of code for the connection is attached... my domain is http://192.168.x.xx:5280/admin... username on ejabberd server is zeeshan@localhost... When connecting, i used if ...

Reading large files from NSInputstream is not working in ios

I am trying to read large Image file more than 300KB from NSInputStream. But i'm getting only upto 300KB. Other data are missing. Could you please help me if you know. i'm waiting for your valuable answer. I mentioned my code below : Call this re...

Database from VS 2012 to VS 2015

Hello, I would like to know if is possible to migrate a database from studio 2012 to 2015. I have an app done in the visual studio 2012 and I would like to open it in the 2015 with the db. Please let me know how or post me some links where I can...

How to rotate UV's in max at specific angle?

How to rotate UVs at any specific angle like 25 degree or 30 Degree in Unwrap UVW Mode in 3Ds Max ? I am using Max2011.

How to apply effects on multiple files using Photoshop?

I have created an effect in photoshop using layer style and hue saturation. I have 15 PNG files. Is there any automated way in photoshop that in can apply this effect into all png files ?

How to validate phone number with fix length in liferay

Hi I need to validate the phone number with fix length. I am using aui:input tag of alloy script as below : <aui:input type="text" id="phoneinput" name="phone" value="" label=""> <aui:validator name="maxLength" errorMessage="...

How to add different kind of widgets based on array size to existing layout

How to add different kind of widgets based on array size to existing layout (IN existing layout have some static widgets). MY Requirement is based on API response in the JSON array they will define the type (wheter it is check box, dropdown, e...

Get custom field in invoice from purchase order

is there any method to add field in purchase.order.line and get that field in invoice ..??

Can't display card verification number in magento admin page

I want to show card verification number in order view in magento. please help....

Avoid Discrete Polygon Colliders in Spritesheet Animations

Scenario :- I am using a spritesheet with a few frames to run my animations in ImpactJS. As using large number of frames can increase my sheet size. Basically it is a shot playing animation in which I have applied Polygon collider to the bat wit...

Need Spine Plugin for ImpactJS

I have found this cool plugin ( for using Spine animations ( in ImpactJS ( But this plugin has a lot of bugs mainly scaling of child bones to parent bones. Can You...

How to set high velocity in Box2D

I want to throw an object in Box2d by applying a force vector, But it is limited to a certain velocity even if I Apply Force by a very high value? How can I achieve this ? For Ex:- I have to fire a bullet at a very high speed. var force = new ...

How to access frame numbers in Spine Animations

When using Spine ( JavaScript version. How can I access the frame numbers while the animation is playing as I have to perform some tasks based on them ?

Editing An App !!!

My query relates to the editing already commercial app in market !!! If i want to remove some features from the already compiled app in market .is it possible to do so and if yes Please Help me how to do so !!!

Help me Inserting Alarm and Notification

please help me inserting alarm and notofication for my uploaded file to be presented tommorrow for my defense pls :(

suggestions for my android app

hello guys, i m creating an android activity in which i want to scroll a group of images(any number) on the click of a manual button.Kindly suggest me any useful libraries in this regard.


hello, can somebody help me, how to add arrow left and right to this product view? do i need to use extension? if so, what extension do i need to use? or do i need to add hard code ? please help me, thanks in advance

Copying Text from Listview

hi how to copy text from listview.

How to configure Android WebView to encrypt cookies?

This has been raised as a security concern blocking the release of my Cordova application on Android 4.4 KitKat Using a SQLIte browser on a rooted device, the application session id cookie is being written in plain text into a SQLite table nam...

Zoomable List view

How to increase font sizes of list view items containing more than one textviews. on pinch - zoom gesture android? There is nothing such list view found on internet

In Wordpress, How user can fill pdf forms online and after that do online signature and send?

Hi In Wordpress, How user can fill pdf forms online and after that do online signature and send? Thanks in Advance.

Include GIF in Android Game.

Hello guys,does anyone know how to include gifs in an Android Game? Thank you!

Android + php + mySQL

Hi I am learning android application development. I have signup form and I want to connect that to my MySQL database using php. But in the API above 22 the methods are changed and I don't have any solution. Can anyone help me with php scripts an...

android game made by Unity installs twice on the device

after building the game made by Unity and installing it on the device , I found that it is installed twice check this image :

assing array to span in jquery

my response is comming in this format.... array { [0]=>abc [1]=>cde [2]=>fgh . . . . . . . . . . } I want to put this array in span.....

issue with implementing AdMob ads

after testing the game in a device , it exit after opening it directly in case of deleting the AdMob Plugin , then the game works fine after some researches , we found that the problem is because of the manifest files there`s 2 manifest ...

Checking a list of URL against a search engine to see if it is indexed.

Hi everyone. I am not a JAVA person but I have a situation where I am suppose to check some 3000+ URL if they exist in a search index. I need a java script which can fire these URL one at a time to the search engine and record back the response...

query regarding PHP

HI I got a reference of this forum from one of my friend .. i am new to PHP and i have made a clender in PHP and now i wanna display birthdays in the calender by changing th edate color and on tooltip wanna display name of student(s) of having...

Classes and Objects

I have a sample I learn of javascript creating objects. Could anyone convert this javascript code for PHP? Because I'm already studying PHP syntax for creating objects but I need get this better. check *.txt file

create object and object's combination

I need help in javascript friends I have 3 javascript array. var color = ["red", "yellow", "blue"]; var size = ["xl", "xxl", "xxxl"]; var style = ["cotton", "silk", "jins"]; and i want string like bellow line using javascript or jquery. ...

waitforseconds() method not work not working

I wrote my codes right and based on the codes in (Unity docs) but still not working , not waiting , any help ! IEnumerator wait(float waitTime) { Debug.Log("Wait"); // write this successfully yield return new WaitForSecon...

Is that possible to store some additional data along with the error flag itself, using standard Angular mechanism?

I'm manually setting ngModel.$setValidity, I'd like to pass some data along with the error flag, to be displayed in ngMessages directive. For example let's assume the min/max length of the field depends upon some external factors, thus is compute...

Is there anyone who is expert in MasterCard Integration??

I have downloaded the Mastercard SDK for PHP but it's my first time to Mastercard Integration , I am confused about the Config.ini file gasp emoticon , how I change these values given in the picture

Replacing images with text when a radio button is clicked.

I am a newbie developer to android. I am trying to develop an application as a test run it is a Q and A app. Can anyone help me with the following problem. The pages have 2 radio buttons in a radio group, the center of the page has an image...

nginx help

Does anyone knows how to work with nginx on windows?I'm trying to run an nodejs application.Can anyone help me ?

(please help) Start screen in the game scene

Hello, It was hard for me to describe sorta what I wanted in the title. But basically I know exactly what I want but for some reason it will not let me upload the picture that I have as an example. But Basically I want to have in my game scene a ...

Project Details

Hi mates! Actually i am working on woo-commerce site and i want build site like so suggest me how should i build that site? should i build in wordpress or yii-framework? if wordpress then which theme or plugin is bett...

rotate gameObjects around another gameObject

I have 19 circles in a big circle , I need to write this algorithm "in case of clicking on a centralized circle (the around circles rotate around it)" not only rotating (about the around circles - the circle should equal/assigned to it`s fo...

assigning image to a sprite renderer

I want to assign image to a sprite renderer but its not single image , its one from the cut images using sprite editor
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