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Dot Net


10 Reasons To Use ASP.NET For eCommerce Store Development

Online shopping saw a massive surge of 45% in 2016. A cursory look at the Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sale numbers gives a fair indication of online shopping’s popularity. Shoppers spent an estimated $3.34 billion in online purchas...

Constructor and its types in C#

Constructors in c# Constructor is a special method of a class that gets called when an object of a class is created. They are mainly used for initialization and memory allocation for member variables of class. There will always be a default co...

Pool object in Dot net

Object pool is a box of objects that contains a list of other objects that are ready to be used. When the new object request comes then pool object will receive that request and allocate an object from the pool.   How pool object work...

Parallel Programming with .NET

There might be some scenario in your code, where some of the tasks should be performed in the background without affecting the current task. Some time we have scenario, where we needed to fire the function, which consists of some function call, w...

Code First Approach in .Net - Part 2

Hi Friends, I have implemented the code first approach in my last blog if you miss it below is the link. Code First Approach in .Net There are some points i need to discuss while implementing code first approach. If you run the code f...

Extension methods in c#

Extension methods are the static methods which are defined under the static classes. Since these methods are defined in static class then they are called without creating an instance of a class. Extension methods supports a reusability as they en...

Throw Exception from Expression in C# 7.0

Throw Exception from Expression When we use throw exception inside expression we got compile time error   In C# 7.0 you can directly throw exception from your expression directly. see below code   public string getE...
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