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Laravel 5.0 Creating Custom Middleware For Different Roles

Laravel provide us the facility to create our custom middleware for user's authentication. We can create different MIddleware for different roles. To accomplish it we need to follow the following steps. Step 1st:- Creating new Middleware for...

Laravel 5.0 Grouping Similar Routing Requets Requests

In Laravel many times we need to group together many routing requests having same middleware, controller, suffix, etc. We can achieve that by using Route::group. The syntax of it is stated below. Syntax :- Route::group(["middleware" =&g...

Laravel 5.0 Creating Request Handler

In Lavarel one of the best practice is to use form validation rules to validate the submitted data. There are number of ways to do it . One way is to create form validation rules both in the controller or we can create a separate file under the a...

Middleware In laravel 4.x

Middleware is one of the important part of any application. The code which we want to stick between request/response life cycle which is not necessary part of our application logic. That is called as middleware. Let take a example to know more a...

Routing in Laravel 4.x

In any project routing plays an important role.In laravel 4.x we will define our routes in routes.php which is in app/routes.php. In laravel 4.x the basic routes consist of a URL and a clousure callback. Example: Basic Get Route Route::ge...

How to enable & disable maintenance mode in laravel 5

There are two ways to enable & disable maintenance mode in laravel 5.Whenever your website is in maintenance mode, laravel return a custom view that will be displayed for all requests. This makes it easy to "disable" your website or applicati...

How to disable user registration in Laravel 5

Laravel 5 provides built-in user registration and login functionality which allow developer to easily integrate both functionality in their application. But some times laravel developer wants to disable the user registration or restrict user for ...

How to Use Mandrill SMTP in LARAVEL 4?

Using Mandrill SMTP in LARAVEL4 is easy to use by following below changes in cofig/mail.php return array( /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Mail Driver |---------------------...
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