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  • Middleware In laravel 4.x

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    Middleware is one of the important part of any application. The code which we want to stick between request/response life cycle which is not necessary part of our application logic. That is called as middleware.

    Let take a example to know more about middleware.

    1)   Adding session support
    2)   Parsing query strings
    3)   Implementing rate-limiting
    4)   Sniffing for bot traffic
    5)   Adding logging
    6)   Parsing request JSON
    7)  Anything else related to the request/response lifecycle

    Laravel's Implementation Step By Step:

    For implement middleware we use HttpKernelInterface. In laravel 4.x we have Foundation/Application (In built functionality). By adding this we are able to integrate middle ware in laravel.


    Middleware may be specified on controller routes like so:

    Route::get('profile', [
        'middleware' => 'auth',
        'uses' => 'UserController@showProfile'

    Additionally, you may specify middleware within your controller's constructor:

    class UserController extends Controller {
         * Instantiate a new UserController instance.
        public function __construct()
            $this->middleware('log', ['only' => ['fooAction', 'barAction']]);
            $this->middleware('subscribed', ['except' => ['fooAction', 'barAction']]);

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