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  • Wrapper class in C++

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    Wrapper is generally defined as the packaging, or to bound an object.

    A "wrapper class" is used to manage the resources so that it will be crystal-clear to every one. This wraps the resources by simply wrapping the pointer into an int. In this another function is called having less code.

    The resources are wrapped in a proper manner so that code  will be correct and clean. Wrapper class is also known as Adaptor class.


    class int_ptr_wrapper
    int_ptr_wrapper(int value = 0) : 
    mInt(new int(value)) {} 
    // note! needs copy-constructor and copy-assignment operator! 
         delete mInt;
        int* mInt; 



    There are two types of wrappers:-

    • resource wrappers
    • functional wrappers

    1. Resource wrappers- 

    Functions provided by the OS

    • UNIXs: open/close, mmap/munmap, dlopen/dlclose
    • Windows: CreateFile/DestroyHandle, CreateFileMapping/CloseHandle, LoadLibrary/FreeLibrary

    2. Functional wrappers-

    Functions provided by OS

    • UNIXs: write, read, dlsym
    • Windows: ReadFile, WriteFile, GetProcAddress

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