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  • Two-way Data binding in AngularJs

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    AngularJs provides a very useful and time saving feature,i.e,Two-way Data binding. Two-way Data binding in AngularJs is a way to synchronize data between model and view. If we change something in the model, it gets updated in the view component and vice-versa.

    Here is the code that explains the Two-way Data binding in AngularJs:-

        <script src=""></script>
    <body ng-app ng-init="value = 'App'">
        Sample page: <input type="text" ng-model="value">
        <h1>My First {{value}}!</h1>

    In the above code :-

    • ng-app:

      It will load the dependencies and the module.

    • ng-init:

      Initializes AngularJs app. variables

    • ng-model:

      It binds the value of AngularJs app. data to HTML input controls.

    In this code we have created a text box and by using 'ng-model' we are binding the data values.If we change the data in the textbox(,i.e. model),it simultaneously gets updated in the view.

    Therefore,you can use this feature or approach for designing web applications with less efforts.

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