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  • Events and Methods in jQuery

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    jQuery is a javascript library used to solve various task by writing less number of codes.
    JQUERY EVENT- An event express the particular moment when something happens.
    List of events:-

    Mouse Events Keyboard Events Form Events Window Events
    click keypress submit load
    dblclick keydown change resize
    mouseenter keyup focus scroll
    mouseleave   blur unload

    Syntax for jquery event methods:

    $("p").click();  // assigned click event to all paragraphs

    JQUERY METHODS- Methods performs different tasks in less number of codes.

    Method Description
    after() / before() Used to add element just before or after another element
    change() The change event will fire when value of target element is changed
    data() / removeData() To add or delete the key/value pair in an element
    delay() To hold/pause the animation for some time, and time will be passed in parameters
    replaceAll() / replaceWith() Replace with replaces only one error and replace all replaces all the errors

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