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  • 6 Reasons Why Content Writing Is the Important Part of Digital Marketing

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    No SEO writer ever knows the secrets of search engine optimization. All they can do is test ideas and observe the results. Search engines are changing the rules consistently. The only thing that remains unchanged is the importance of content writing for digital marketing. Even in 2019, when there are a billion blogs online, which means one blog for every seven people, the importance of the content for business remains unchanged. 


    Reason one: The more marketing content you write, the more visible you become


    Marketing content gives you the chance to hold top positions in search results. SEO optimized articles are a profitable investment in your business. Once you have written one, it keeps working for your traffic. Therefore keeping it up-to-date is reasonable. You should either choose topics that won’t get older with time or update the content according to new Google trends. Use the service to discover what your audience is interested in and give them the information they need. Write content for related blogs and share a link to your services. These methods of digital promotion are always profitable.


    Reason two: Blog makes the branding


    When a person googles hire someone to do my assignment now and finds more offers than they can check, a blog makes a great difference. A website with an up-to-date blog gains immediate trustworthy. Potential clients get excited. They know there are real people on the other side of the screen who care about their clients by providing fresh news, interviews, researches, comparative analysis, pieces of advice, and other content. Blog together with a youtube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels create a powerful branding campaign. It makes your brand recognizable as well as establishes credibility.





    Reason three: Education and self-education


    In 2020 the best marketing channels are the audio-visual ones. However, there are always people who prefer reading. Instead of trying to gain all the traffic, concentrate on the education of the qualitative audience you already have. It will lead to better recognition. Promote your product together with knowledge about it to develop an understanding of the importance of your business. 


    On the other hand, by tracking the feedback, you can better understand your client’s needs. This information is your way of business development. Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to scale the business. Understanding the needs of the target audience is the key to scaling. 


    Reason four: Develop trustworthiness


    It is difficult to stand out among half a billion blogs. Therefore it’s time to reconsider what is content. One of the main aims of any blog post, video, Instagram stories or twit is to develop trustworthiness. Make clients believe in everything you write or say. Reveal them from spending time and efforts on googling. This trustworthiness is gained through numerous publications, blog posts, articles, qualitative content, and social presence. 


    Reason five: Personality 


    Requirements for marketing content in 2020 are growing drastically. While competitors are concentrating on research and facts, you can gain an audience with a personal approach. Make them associate your brand whit a person. It can be a group of influencers who regularly mention your product or service in blog posts, Youtube or Instagram. It can be a CEO who becomes a media person. A sportsman, actor, artist, or journalist can become a face and voice for your brand depending on what type of content your business promotes. One mention can turn into a beneficial investment for years. 





    Reason six: Networking


    Marketing content can become the best way of networking. Qualitative content always attracts attention. If you can’t reach a person or service, you can do it creatively. Research them and post creative content. Yes, you will share your traffic, but networking is worth sharing. You may also attract attention by publishing useful content. Find the problem and give the reader the solution. Make it innovative and creative. Let them comment on your posts and communicate with individuals that can be useful for your business.


    Bottom line


    By creating digital content for your business, you make a stable investment for constant traffic and trustworthy. The rules for digital marketing are constantly changing. Many SEO experts believe that 2020 will bring new audio-visual era. However, there are always people who prefer reading. Qualitative written content can do better marketing than five Instagram stories a day or three Youtube videos per week. Remember, quality is always over quantity. Even if you lose traffic, your conversion can still grow.




    Jeff Blaylock is a content writer. During his career, he has written more than two thousand articles. He believes that qualitative content can be written once and work for years.

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