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How to Write a Python program that Stores App Information in A Text File?

Write a Python program that reads in from a text file. You should briefly prepare a textfile containing information about items sold in a bakery. The information like type of buns,cookies, cakes and more with the price lists should be i...

Merging Panda Dataframes

I have two dataframes. One is user(UserID, Name) and other one is rating (srcUserId, dstUserId, RatingValue). I have to merge these two dataframes such that in place of srcUserId I get the name of the user corresponding to userid from user d...

How to change itertools.product parameters while running

Hi, I'm new in Python, so excuse me if the question may be too simple for someone. I have the following code: from itertools import product for a,b in product(range(0,10), range(a,10)): print (a,b) but it does not work, a m...

Wrong count of concatenated words from the python script

I have written a python script b making use of trie data structure to show the longest concatenated word and second longest concatenated word from a words list attached. However, I am getting a wrong count of concatenated words. Can anyone please...

How do I debug this code of the 'TypeError: 'int' object is not callable' error in Python?

Hey guys! I want to write a program that finds the sum of cubed terms. i.e. 1**3 + 2**3 + n**3 I wrote down the following code:        // n = input('Give the value of n.') n = int (n) s = ((n(n+1))/2)**2 print ('Sum...
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