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I Need Some Help to Implement Eulerian Cycles in C Language Program

Hello there! Well, i have a problem. a big one. I need to be re-examined in order to change my major at college. So, in order to do this, the following problem should be solved until 28 May .    > Eulerian cycles. Implemen...

How to Solve Array Problem in Java?

Monk was surprised to see a new game called, "Conversion Game". In this game, two arrays of N integers A1,A2...AN and B1,B2...BN are playing against each other and Array A wants to convert itself in Ar...

Loop variable post-execution

Hey guys, Just  wondering if anyone can help. Given this statement: "Once you have completed executing a loop, the loop variable must be outside of the valid range of the condition", what does the latter part mean regarding the ...

How to Divide Circular Array in C++ into K Group of Contiguous Elements

How can I divide an circular array into k group of contiguous element such that difference between maximum sum and minimum sum is minimum. Each group have contiguous element of array. For e.g If the array is as follow. [6 13 10 2] and k=2 the...

Help with java defensive programming technique

I have a the following four classes..  FTPApplication- Models FTP commands in a modular, extendible way. This abstract class provides several methods used by both the client and server. ServerSession- Models an FTP session with a client...

Crossing the Desert

In this problem, you will compute how much food you need to purchase for a trip across the desert on foot. At your starting location, you can purchase food at the general store and you can collect an unlimited amount of free water. The dese...

How to Write a Python program that Stores App Information in A Text File?

Write a Python program that reads in from a text file. You should briefly prepare a textfile containing information about items sold in a bakery. The information like type of buns,cookies, cakes and more with the price lists should be i...

How to send emails in VB.NET using multithreading?

As I'm not familiarized with VB.NET I am requesting help for my last school project this year. So I have a ListView with many emails and want to send a certain message to those emails but using multithreading because If...

Java Need

Hello I want to learn Java programs from easy to expert Level can you suggest me some sites for It?
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