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How to Create Server for Multi-user Quiz using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript?

I am designing one quiz for my team members using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but don't know how to make it available to multiple users at the same time. I want to build a real-time quiz as we have in any online entrance exam.   I kn...

How to Create a Simple Admin Page in HTML?

At first i'm a beginner and i have a simple project to do.   I'm trying to build a simple admin page that add some content to my website   This is not a big deal, but i need someone who can instruct my directly ...

How do I Fix the Layout for My Html Website?

I recently did some coding for a school project and needed some help with the layout.   Here are my questions:  What do I do on my css to change how the text "NRL 15/07/18 looks? How do I move the text saying "Wo...

Why My Quiz Web App Not Displaying Result on Submit?

Every time I click the button to submit my answers the page refreshes and no grade is shown and I don't know why.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   My code is below: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <h...

How to do styling of a page header layout to fit in tablet & smart phones?

I have this page header and i need to make responsive so it can fit in tablet and smart phones and i need to direct form right to left and how can i use pure javascript to achive that (no Jquery needed)    <!DOCTYPE html> ...

What are some of the best hybrid apps and what level of programming experience is needed to build one?

I've heard that a hybrid app is built with a combination of web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript and it can easily access hardware capabilities of the mobile device. Please enlighten me with some examples of the best hybrid apps ...

How to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Hello Nerds, While creating a project, i found that the pages are rendering very slow. After testing and searching i found that my pages have some blocking CSS resources which are causing delay in rendering my pages. Please help me how to elim...

Different behavior of heading tag with section

If I'm write Heading tag (h1 and h2) in section or aside it shows same font size and if I put this outside of section or aside tag it works normal. Why? <h1>heading 1</h1> <h2>heading 2</h2> <h3>heading 3</h3...

What is HTML Local Storage?

What is HTML Local Storage Objects ? Local Storage is that method we can store data on user browser. Its work same as cookies. Cookies was use in old time means before html5 and Local Storage is much better then it because we can store more ...

Why does auto attribute not work vertically?

If I'm using margin: 0 auto it will work as horizontally margin auto and vertically 0px. Now question is if I'm using margin:auto why It is not working vertically. Note:- No need alternate option, just want a solid reason behind it :)

How to included a timer on a web page

hello all, I want to include a timer on a web page which is designed for taking online test like on this website whose link is as followed Please suggest me how can I do that .

Same class not working properly on different element

Hi all, I have a question about class performance, i use a class on two element first is an input type button and second is an anchor tag (a) both are looking different. Why it happens can anybody have any proper answer. Thank you in adv...
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