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How to Write Typescript Function to Validate Inputs of JSON File

I am in need of a method written in typescript to validate the inputs of a JSON file.  Need help in writing method(function) to analyze the contents of the JSON and make sure that it is internally consistent   For ex: Content...

Is it Possible to Encrypt & Decrypt Total Json Response in Android ?

As per the project, we will receive the JSON response in an encrypted format while receiving we need to decrypt the response back to original format and bind to the project. Again while posting the data we need to encrypt the data.   S...

JSON parsing in android

I have problem with parsing JSON data in android. I want to populate the following json data to spinners. I have populated the categories to 1st spinner but i need to populate the 2nd spinner for subcategories which is dependent on 1st spinner. ...

Json textview to Json viewlist

public class ExistingCSheet extends AppCompatActivity { private TextView listing; String[] items; ListView lv; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanc...

JSON Issue - In Which Class Do I Need to Add Array Title?

Hi, i am very new to this, so please forgive me for stupid mistakes.   I am to create an android application that consume web services currently from IIS. Program that i am currently using: SQLserver , Visual studio for web, android st...

Handling JSON in Java

Can anybody here recommend a few best practices for handling JSON in Java?

xml to json conversion

Hi can anyone tell me how to convert xml to json in java.   thanks in advance.

mismatch in json while converting

can help me to resolve this. Am trying to convert the xml to json but the json values is not same as xml there is a mismatch in the values. Here is the snippet @SuppressWarnings("unused") public static void main (String args[]) throws...

Parse JSON help

This is my code Sometimes i dont get an empty string. EditText ord; TextView fintext; Button send; RequestQueue requestQueue; String insertUrl = "myurl"; requestQueue = Volley.newRequestQueue(getActivity().getAppl...
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