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Blend Shapes in Autodesk MAYA

Hey fellas, I am back with another article, this time on the very useful option of BLEND SHAPES in Autodesk MAYA. Yaa, I know you all are eager to know what we can do with blend shapes and where can we use them but before that, let me ask y...

Exporting Animation in Maya

Hello creative folks, In this short tutorial I am gonna tell you how to export animation from one file to another in Maya. In a scenario where you have some animation done for one character and want that same animation in another character ...

Rigid Body in Maya - Dynamics

Hey Guys , In the following tutorial , I am gonna try something fun , i will try to animate a classic leg spin delivery that bowlers bowl in the game of Cricket , using Rigid Body solver of Maya . Before we get our hands dirty in Maya , ...

Animating an object along a path in Maya

Hello Guys , In this tutorial we will learn how to animate a car along a curved road . In the scene you will see we have a path and a car placed . We will first draw an EP curve on top of the path so that it follows the path. ...

Baking Ambient Occlusion, Color And Light Maps In Maya Using Mentalray

Step 1- choose a model for baking Ambient Occlusion. Step 2 - make sure you have a proper UV Layout for your model. Step 3 - Set the project and save the file . Step 4 - Make sure the Mentalray plugin is loaded in...

Baking IK Animation to the Joint in Maya

Baking IK Animation to the Joint in Maya Hi all , welcome to the exciting world of animation . The purpose of this tutorial is to not to go into details of how to create animation, rather it is about a simple utility in Maya to conver...

Skinning a Character in Maya using Component Editor

Skinning a Character in Maya using Component Editor Tutorial #1 Intermediate In the following tutorial we will learn the alternate way to skin the mesh in Maya apart from usual painting based skinning . We will use Mayas multip...
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