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Formatting currency using Angular

Hi all, Here is an example how to format currency using Angular filters. Formats a number as a currency (ie $1,234.56). When no currency symbol is provided, default symbol for current locale is used. - AngularJS HTML:- <body ng...

Removing data from a list on click using angular

Hi all, Below is an example to remove names from a list using ng-click. Here is a simple form for editing, adding or removing user name, all of these methods are declared on the controller. These methods can easily be called from the angul...

looping list using ng-repeat

Hi folks, The below example will demonstrate how to do looping over lists in templates using ng-repeat. <html ng-app="nameApp"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Angular.js Example</title> ...

Initializing the model using an Angular controller

Hi all, Below example will demonstrate, How to Initializing the model using an Angular controller, defined with a global function. <html ng-app="nameApp"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Angular.js ...

Looping over list in template using ng-repeat (angularJS)

The ngRepeat directive instantiates a template once per item from a collection. Each template instance gets its own scope, where the given loop variable is set to the current collection item, and $index is set to the item index or key. - angularJ...

Fetching JSON using angular JS

The controller defines a dependency to the $scope and the $http module. An HTTP GET request to the countries.json end point is carried out with the get method. It returns a $promise object with a success and an error method. Once successful, the ...

Handling of HTTP in Angular

<html ng-app="phonecatApp" ng-controller="PhoneListCtrl"> <head> <script src="lib/angular/angular.js"></script> <script src="js/controllers.js"></script> </head> <body > <...
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