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windows phone application


Consuming Web API in a Windows Phone 8.1 application

Open Visual Studio and select Windows Phone from Visual C# templates. From the available project types, select "Blank App(Windows Phone)" and click OK. To consume a Web API in windows phone application, first we need a working API. Than...

Moving between pages in Windows Phone 8.1

While learning Windows Phone development you might want to try your skills in creating some cool apps. Most probably some of those apps requires you to create multiple pages in your application, which needs you to have some idea about navigation ...

ComboBox Control in Windows Phone 8.1

In the following article we are going to see the usage of ComboBox control in Windows Phone 8.1. ComboBox represents a combination of non-editable text box and a drop-down list box that allows users to select an item from a list.   Let...

Getting started with Hello World App in Windows Phone 8.1

So friends you are thinking to start with Windows Phone App development, but can't decide where to start from. No worries, let's get started with a simple application to give you some familiarity with the Windows Phone development environ...

How to set the zooming slider in windows 8.1 phone app

In this blog we illustrate how to set the zoom-in and zoom-out the focus of camera in windows 8.1 phone app. Foe zooming a camera we use a buit-in ZoomControl class inside the MediaCapture which controls the zooming of the camera.   F...

How to open a camera in windows 8.1 phone app

In this blog we illustrate the how to open a camera in windows 8.1 phone app. Code for Xaml file: <CaptureElement Height="650" Name="captureElement" /> This CaptureElement control is used to render the capture device like camera or...
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