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angular 4


How to Manage Subscriptions in Angular 4 App with Async Pipe

The async pipe is a special kind of pipe that automatically subscribes to an observable in order to display the emitted values. With this pipe manual subscription and unsubscription to observable in component classes can be avoided. In angular on...

Overview of ViewChild & ViewChildren Decorator in Angular 4 with Example

An angular application is made up of components. A component view children can be defined as elements which are used within the component template(view). These elements can be directives, child components or name of template variable. @ViewChild ...

Content Projection and Its Type in Angular4 Application

Projecting content(insertion of HTML elements or other components) in a component is Content Projection. In Angular, it can be achieved via <ng-content></ng-content> directive. Shadow DOM can be inserted in a component via Content Pro...

@Input/@Output for Component Property & Custom Event Binding in Angular4

In Angular, one-way communication from parent to child component can be done via "@Input" decorator. A component property will act as input property if it is annotated with @Input decorator. This component property within one component(...

ViewEncapsulation in Angular 4 - Types & Examples in JavaScript Application

View Encapsulation is a way that defines whether components styles will affect the whole application or not i.e it has control over usage of component styles, use styles globally or should be limited to a particular Angular component (scoped...

4 Quick Steps to Create Dashboard in AngularJS Application

Creating dashboard in angular tutorial   A Dashboard is a page or a user interface in which information and other functions/pages of a website is provided in such a way that is easily accessible, understandable and readable. So in...
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