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Preventing child element from firing on click of Parent element

Suppose, we have this html where div element have 2 child p elements and 1 child anchor element. <div> <p> I am para one</p> <p> I am para two</p> <a href="">I am a link<...

How To Change Input Type File Title In HTML

We are change the input type file title with the help of this script Like Browse Title Change in to Choice File use this script for change Title function browseclick(){ var fileinput = document.getElementById("browse"); // use in...

Html normally problem

Hello readers ! In this blog i show how can we solve html problems usually we face that are :- 1) How to align center a absolute position div : Its a normally problem which we face always we can solve it using this attribute of css ....

To make the absolute position of block in center with respect to parent block using css only.

If you want to make the absolute position of the block in center from all the sides with respect to parent block using css only. <style> .base{ width:900px; height:500px; position:relative;background:#dddddd} .top{...

Delete a row from list on a click of a button

If you want to delete a particular list (li) from the listing, you can easily do this with the following code. $('#demo ul li[rel="'+id2+'"]').remove(); <div is="demo "> <ul> <li rel="id1">This is just a demo....

HTML Forms - Submit and Reset Button

<html> <head><title>myForm</title><head> <body> <form action = "" method="Post"> First Name: <input type = "text" name = "firstname" /> Last Name: <input type = "text" name = "...

Append tag using jQuery

If you want to append HTML in pre-defined HTML : $("#detail").append('<div class="demo"><p class="modify">He has all the ability and a perfect attitude.</p></div>')

Show default image when image not found

When we show a profile image we get image path from database and show that image as a profile image. But if image not found or image path is not correct then we see a broken image. So we add a conditions there to show a defualt image. But if we u...

Input Button padding in ie 7

.button1 input[type='submit'] { background:#C30; padding:6px 30px; color:#FFF; font-size:18px; border:none; cursor:pointer; } <div class="button1"> ...
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