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  • Whats Truly Up With WhatsApps New Status Update 2017?

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    Just an upgrade or a devious maneuver!


    A lot has changed since the February 2009, when first lines of the code for WhatsApp were written. Started with the quintessential idea of building an application that lets your close friends and contacts know what you are up to, the product now offers laser focussed messaging and faster communications services to more than 1 billion people around the globe. Around 3 months back they added a video calling feature, I was amongst the first responders to provide the information about the feature launch, and the correct way to get it on your mobile phone.


    Lately, on it’s 8th birthday, WhatsApp has introduced or rather reinvented the ‘text only’ status functionality of as the new WhatsApp update. With all the buzz around the feature, people are left wondering about the concept ‘Status’.



    What is ‘Status’?


    WhatsApp’s latest feature enables the users to share the status messages in the form of a GIF, Video or an image. What’s more spectacular about it is that these Statuses will last only for a day and then removed automatically. It is pushed as an OTA update, which means you don’t have to search and update the application using the Google Play or an App Store. WhatsApp status update for android and iOS will be live on the app itself. The ‘Status’ update has rearranged the columns in a better way. On Android devices, Status has it’s own tab followed by the Calls and preceded by Camera and Chats. On iOS, Status tab is placed on the bottom left corner and is followed by Calls, Camera, Chats and Settings.


    How to use ‘Status’ & What does it do?


    Status works exactly like Stories on Instagram or Snapchat. In the Status section, you can view any updates put by a contact. If he/she puts more than a single status in a day, the statuses will appear one after the other under the same contact name. The White bar on the top, indicates the number of statuses a contact has put. Toggling between the statuses is as easy as a simple tap or swipe. Besides, the functionality is also offered with the option of ‘Mute’ on the top right corner to prevent any further Status to be shown at your screen.


    Just consider it as a mode of broadcasting something really amazing to your contacts in one go. However, these stories will appear on their Status tab rather than the regular Chat tab and will last only for 24 hours.


    To encourage the interactivity amongst it’s users, WhatsApp has offered a ‘Reply’ option on each status. This assist sending a direct message to the person enclosing the Status at which you are replying.


    Is it functional?


    It depends. If you are not Camera person and don’t like facing it much, the update is completely useless for you. However, if you are a Camera ready & magnetic personality who loves to share a lot of pictures on the social media platforms, the ‘Status’ functionality can potentially be your window to the social world. Good news, Isn’t it?


    An Inside Story


    Coke versus Pepsi, Honda versus Suzuki,  Nike versus Reebok — Which brand do you choose? For you it might be a split second decision backed by habits, fondness and brand persona. But for the rival companies, to comprehend and shape that decision is the everyday challenge that involves billions of dollars and efforts from thousands of young men and women.     

    Persistent competition is core of our economy. Rivalries make amazing stories, and the most amazing rivalries make astonishing tales. But the most strapping rivalries can be sightless, concealing the events beyond the archrival's battlefield.




    Not many of us know that this update is the by product of the arch rivalry between the two tech giants. Now worth more than $340 billion worth, Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest of all social media and has repeatedly tried to acquire SnapChat in the past.



    Records don’t mean anything in rivalry games : Dez Bryant



    Snapchat Co-Founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy have turned down Zuckerberg’s offer on several occasions. Nonetheless, Facebook CEO holds WhatsApp and Instagram, two leading platforms in the similar line of purpose. He is constantly trying to put Snapchat out of business by rolling out features like Instagram Stories and now the latest  WhatsApp Status update.


    Our Verdict


    To be frank enough, Snapchat came up with the renewed Statuses idea long back in year 2011. Considering the fact that the SnapChat, a big hit already, is gearing up for $20 Billion IPO and is developing the products for augmented reality, virtual reality and facial recognition, might turn out to be a critical competitor to the Facebook owned smartphone segments social platforms.

    On the contrary, WhatsApp boasts of a largest user base and the avant-garde features like this can impinge the Snapchat’s potential growth graphs.


    It seems the battle has just begun...


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