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  • Small Business SEO: Why doesnt it ALL work?

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    Unfortunately with the majority of SEO consultants charging thousands of dollars, personalized SEO advice can be out of the reach for many small businesses.


    Instead of getting information that will apply directly to your business, you are left wading through cheap tools, ebooks, training sessions, software, etc that have a generalized approach to seo.

    Why is generalized seo advice a problem?

    Because each tip, rule or idea is relevant to a specific situation, meaning that while it may work for one type of online business, it will not work for others.


    How do you know if it applies to your business?


    Sadly, unless you have experience in business planning and seo, you will not know which of these tips should be applied to certain situations and which should not.


    Any training or advice that does not ask you anything about your niche, target market, goals or how your business is set up will usually end up being a waste of your time and money.


    Consider the following situation:


    Sharon promotes her local ‘bricks and mortar’ style washing machine repair business online.
    Jason sells ebooks about childcare online through Clickbank and also has an affiliate program.


    Would the exact same SEO strategy be effective for both businesses?


    It does not take a rocket scientist to see that you can not apply a ‘cookie cutter’ solution that ignores differences between businesses.


    The goals of each owner are also different.  Your main motivation may be:


    • Earn immediate full-time income
    • Earn extra income
    • Set up income for the long term (eg for retirement)
    • Education
    • Recognition
    • Building up a website to later sell


    Your goal has a significant impact on which SEO strategies will be the most effective.  The same as with any type of investment, if you are focusing on the short term you can not use the same strategies as you would for a long term plan.


    Does this mean that ALL SEO advice is wasted?

    Not at all!

    However the way that you learn what does or does not work is through trial and error.  If you have the time to spend trying different bits of advice to see what is most effective for your business you can manage your SEO without needing to spend a cent!


    How do all of the SEO ‘experts’ know what will work for you?


    Exactly the same thing – trial and error. The SEO ‘experts’ continuously test out new ideas across a very large number of website and monitor results in order to find the most effective strategies for each type of business. For more such information check out Baap of Reviews


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