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  • Its Time To Make Your Router Session Smart

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    Many of you must have heard people saying that “My iPhone X actually recognizes me!” Well, this is no magic, this is an example of smart technology evolving across the globe. It’s in human nature that we all expect a revolution of products and services that have embedded intelligence or smarts. Even medical diagnostic support is being aided by computer intelligence with a simple goal and that is to improve the physician’s understanding of the patient to improve the diagnosis, therapies and resulting patient outcomes without adding more burden on the clinician. Take another example of cars, autonomous self-driving vehicles have the potential to alleviate congestion and improve the environment in ways we couldn’t even imagine.


    Now in order to perform facial recognition, iPhone X requires understanding the language of faces. In simple words, attributes of faces, such as the shape of eyes, noses, cheekbones, and jawline. A smart system always requires understanding the language of its purpose. For instance, self-driving cars must understand the language of driving which includes maps, roads, signs, speed limits, weather and traffic signals. Smart medical diagnostics need to understand the language of medicine, including possible diagnosis and probabilities.


    Router Session


    Have you ever wondered that what kind of language makes modern data networks smart?

    If you take a close look at the current language of networking, you will find it fairly primitive. I mean it comprises of speeds in bits/second, longest prefix match based routes for aggregates of traffic, autonomous system numbers, diff-serv code points, MPLS tags, etc. And you know what the entire system is so poorly understood that we use meteorological terms to describe the observed phenomena, i.e. packet storms, avalanche, floods, and flaps, etc. Now, do you think that a facial recognizer would work solely by detection of anomalies? Well, I guess it’s time to enable new business applications and services while reducing cost, risk, and complexity.


    The Network’s purpose

    Why do networks exit? To enable applications and services, right? A single network packet has no value, still, our language of networking is a language of bits and packets. The language of an application is known as a session. Sessions have attributes (just like faces) that include a start time, a bandwidth rate and limit in both directions, and end time, an observed peak bandwidth, average bandwidth, a human understandable name, a quality of service requirement, certificate analysis/validation, and a list of who is permitted to use the service. And it is already in use by most advanced security and intrusion detection devices.


    Get session smart

    In the current era, we all are struggling in a tower of network babble. Right from packets to overlapping addresses, NATs, and of course, networks that do not share information (Private/Public/IPv4/IPv6), we are dealing with everything. And this can only be possible if we find a new language and a new way, i.e. by making routers smart. Routers even need to understand the language of services- sessions. Also, they need to be smart enough to support unequal pathways, drop exactly the correct packet, and avoid tunnels and inefficiency. Routers need to become Session Smart and speak the language of services.   


    Time to innovate!

    Software algorithms in every industry have ushered in a wave of unimagined innovation. The moment we migrate from hardware routing to software routing there will be found an innovation at the routing layer itself.

    Author Bio:

    Herman works as a marketing analyst at TatvaSoft - a Software Application Development Company in USA. He closely follows all the latest updates and events and relishes sharing it through his write-ups. Stay in touch with the tech-savvy geek never misses catching up on the latest releases.

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