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  • Building the Network of the Future Powered by AI

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    A strong network forms the foundation of every business. From the employees’ record to the production tools and customer information; more and more systems are becoming a part of a business’ network where every operation is streamlined and everything is connected with one another. Although traditional networks are doing just fine at the moment, many of them are not scalable which means that in the future such a network will become redundant.


    Choosing an appropriate network to run business operations is mandatory especially at this stage since it creates opportunities for business to prosper. The emergence and integration of cloud technology along with the business’ need to have multiple connection types, is making it difficult for traditional networks to scale with the growing needs. Because of these factors, there is a need for change in the IT networking industry i.e. individuals should figure out a way to work the analytics and process automation side by side.


    When this happens, the businesses will not only have brand new tools to experiment with but they will also have strong network’s foundation which will help them in building new products.


    The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

    The development in AI and the advancement in Machine Learning technology are introducing changes to how people view their business and its networks. Simply by combining these two departments, the individuals will be able to create networks that can easily handle the growing complex needs of their consumers.


    Artificial intelligence is growing stronger and we have not yet fully predicted its impact on any business networks. However, from what we have seen, AI is capable of increasing and improving the existing capabilities of IT networks by helping them gather useful analytical data.


    Previously, the computing powers of AI were only available to the rich and powerful companies. However, this trend is slowly changing since it is making its way in every business operation. Although, businesses can immensely benefit from this trend, not preparing for it can result into heavy losses.


    So, while the computational powers of AI are slowly traversing into the small business sector, preparing your networks for the AI and ML integration will pay off greatly.


    Preparing Networks for AI

    The extensive changes in the future’s infrastructure cannot be handled by today’s network. The traditional networks are slowly becoming unmanageable, making it difficult for IT personnel to conduct daily operations by utilizing the existing networks. So, these factors call for improvements; such that enhance the networks in a bid to make them future-proof.


    Currently, the IT networks are capable of gathering useful data but they lack the analytical capabilities that could help them in squeezing value out of it. Having massive amounts of data will not benefit anybody unless some strategy is put in place that pinches the appropriate value from it. All of this can change with the integration of AI practices into the existing network infrastructure.


    AI has the analytical capabilities to process data and derive value from it which could be useful in security, IT management and running smooth business operations. Also, AI transforms the data making it more relevant and immediate for businesses to get the best outcomes.


    Introducing Convenience

    AI is also capable of enhancing users’ experience through software-defined networking (SDN). In a nutshell, the SDN is an architecture that makes a network faster and agile.


    Despite various users utilizing SDN in their business operations, only 22% use it to unlock the AI potential. However, these stats will change in the near future as 68% of the users are expected to make the switch to an AI-powered network where they will use predictive insights to make useful business decisions.


    AI in combination with the automation process is impacting every inch of IT networks. This amalgamation is making it possible to control networking operations through a unified, software-backed system that could support the end-to-end operation.


    However, achieving perfect harmony among AI and automation is not easy and the end-users will have to depend on intent-based networking (IBN) for this purpose. In its basic form, IBN is a network administration body that incorporates AI to help create the network’s segmentation to keep various applications, users, and devices isolated from one another.


    The Future of AI is Nigh

    When AI is discussed in the context of enhancing business operations, often, people get on the defense as they are fearful for their jobs. Of course, AI is capable of enhancing operations and providing much better results in a short time than humanly possible. However, the notion that AI is here to replace manpower is nothing but a legend.


    Currently, the majority of the IT networking operations is being performed by the human workforce. While they are performing basic functions, they would like to incorporate any management software that could help them utilize their skills for other challenging operations.


    In this scenario, AI is that managing software which needs to make an appearance in the IT network to take up basic task so that the employees can contribute to their job in a significant way. In other words, AI allows individuals to rise above their status quo!


    Building a better network with the help of AI is a charming prospect; however, this transition will never be an easy or automatic one. In such cases, entrepreneurs will need to help their IT networking department to understand the working of IBN.


    Apart from training the individuals, the entrepreneurs also need to focus on producing educational material. That said, there needs to be training workshops that could educate and prepare IT networking professionals for the future.


    The network has a lot to offer and with AI in the mix, the IT professionals can unlock maximum potential in the form of practical value that could propel their business to new success heights. As of now, various technological advancements have helped businesses increase their production levels and drive massive growth. However, this is not where it all ends as AI, advanced analytics, ML, and automation offer a new era of innovation.


    That said, one can never know what exactly the future holds for the AI in the context of network infrastructure. The only thing network operators can do is to learn about the latest AI trends and experiment with their newfound knowledge in an attempt to figure out the best practices when it comes to network automation.


    Just like an RF amplifier is mandatory for ensuring a strong wireless communication, AI acts as the necessary component in the network infrastructure to maximize growth opportunities and increase organizational productivity!

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