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  • Indroduction of Testing and Types of Testing

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    What is Testing?

    Testing is the process of improving the quality of Software or Software application.

    Ways of Testing?

    1.Manual Testing

    2. Automation Testing

    1.Manual Testing:

    Manual Testing is a type of testing where testers manually test the application without using any automation Tools.

    Drawbacks of Manual Testing:

    1.Time Consuming

    2.More resources are required

    3.Tiredness of testers

    4.Human Errors

    5.Simultaneous actions are almost impossible

    6.can not repeat same task again and again with same interest.

    Note:To overcome Manual Testing drawbacks, Automation Testing is introduced.

    2.Automation Testing:

    Automation Testing is a Process where tester's have to write and execute a script which involves Automating of Manual process with the help of Automation Tools.

    In Automation testing testers need to define the framework for application platform.

    Benefits of Automation Testing:

    1.Fast: It runs the test case faster than human beings.

    2.Reusable: we can execute scripts in different releases.

    3.Cost Reduction: It requires less no of resources and budget.

    4.Accuracy: No tiredness hence possibility of good accuracy result is more.

    Disadvantages of Automation Testing:

    2.In all areas automation is not possible.

    Difference b/w Manual & Automation Testing:

    Manual Testing Automation Testing
    1.Testing is implemented manually 1.Testing is implemented by Tool
    2.It suit best to the application which have lesser no.of functionality. 2.It suit best to the application which have more no.of functionality.
    3.Test development time is less Eg:Test case development 3.The development time is more. Eg:Test Script development
    4.The test execution time is more. 4.The test execution time is less.
    5.The test data needs to be provided Manually. 5.The test data can generated by tool itself.
    6.The test reports can generated manually. 6.The test reports can generated automatically.
    7.Defects need to be tracked manually 7.Defects can be tracked automatically.
    8.Organization Point: The cost of Manual testing is less than Automation testing. 8.Organization Point:The cost of Automation testing is higher than Manual testing.
    9. Programming knowledge is optional. 9.Minimum programming knowledge is requires.

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