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  • WordPress Hosting - What is it and is it Worth it?

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    If you are planning to build a WordPress website or have already built it, you may be thinking about WordPress hosting. Right from the difference between WordPress hosting and normal web hosting to different types of hosting plans to choose from, there are a number of things that you may be confused about. If it is so, you are in the right place. This write-up covers all the basic details about WordPress hosting that you may be concerned about. 

    What is WordPress Hosting?

    Hosting that has been optimized to meet the specific needs of WordPress website for performance and security is termed as Wordpress hosting. Not only it includes single-click WordPress installs to help you get started, but some hosts also provide regular updates as required. 

    Types of WordPress Hosting

    There are mainly five types of WordPress hosting plans. These are:

    Shared WordPress Hosting

    In this type of hosting, a common server is allocated to your website and it shares resources with other sites. Shared hosting a good choice for small businesses and startups as it is the least expensive option that lets the website owner keep his website running without making a hole in his pocket because of the hosting charges. 

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    In managed hosting, the host manages your website for a number of aspects, including installation, backups, support and more. Once your website starts driving high traffic, you need to switch to managed hosting to ensure proper allocation of required resources. 


    VPS WordPress Hosting

    VPS hosting is a mixture of shared and dedicated hosting that allows you to have better control of your site and keep the hosting costs low. It works similar to shared hosting, however, the difference is all the users are kept separate on the same server. 


    Dedicated WordPress Hosting

    Dedicated hosting is great for the businesses which prefer security, reliability and flexibility as it provides each business with its own server, no matter the server is purchased or rented. 


    Cloud WordPress Hosting

    The concept of cloud hosting is similar to VPS hosting, however, the difference is VPS uses physical servers while cloud hosting uses a virtual network of servers which is known as a cloud. 


    What to look for while choosing a particular hosting service?

    Choosing the right hosting company can be a daunting task, especially when you are not aware that where you need  to start from. No doubt you can check the service quality only after seeking services from a company, there are a few considerations which will let you make an informed decision. After all, it is about the success of your business and also, it is not easy to switch from one hosting plan to another. So, here goes the list of things you need to pay attention to:


    Hosting plans

    As you may need to upgrade to another plan depending on the needs of your website, you should look for a company that provides all types of WordPress hosting plans. It will prevent you from the hassle of finding a hosting company again and again. 


    Hosting cost

    Though you need to pay attention to the hosting cost, you don’t have to choose the plans only on the basis of the cost. Instead, you need to look for the features and services that you are being provided for that cost. You need to check if the features are worth the cost or not. 



    The reviews given by the current and old clients of a hosting company will be of great help when it comes to finding out if they are reliable or not. You can check their website to find the user testimonials, can go through the genuine review websites or can ask the company to provide references. 
    Apart from these, you should always have a consultation round with the WordPress hosting companies and explain your requirements to them. Their response will let you know if they will care for your business or just are concerned about making you a client. 

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