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  • Why to Update Your IT Career with a Move into Cyber Security

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    Due to continuous technological changes and advancements, the nature of most IT jobs is changing rapidly. Also, globalization is another major factor which seems to cause instability and results in reducing job security and steadiness for aspiring professionals hoping to build a successful career in various fields of IT. Earlier, individuals preferred to start their careers by selecting a specific field and used to progress in their jobs steadily. But today, professionals need to be more active about their job and career. 

    Earlier, earning a university degree or college diploma was enough for beginners to start their career. But, now employers seek for such professionals who can keep themselves updated with latest technological skills. Due to this reason, professionals who fail to learn newer skills find it difficult to work in a technologically advanced environment, and some might even lose their jobs or might get stuck on the same job position for years. Therefore, it is extremely important for professionals to keep themselves updated with latest technological skills and certifications. 


    IT Development and Its Effects

    Due to continuous development in IT and technology, many jobs may become obsolete. Therefore, professionals need to be prepared for such changes and keep their skills updated according to the nature and requirements of new jobs. An IT professional needs to anticipate when and what jobs would be in demand in future and prepare for them accordingly. The field of cybersecurity is one such field that is continuously developing and is a great option for beginners as well as experienced professionals to shift to. Just like any other profession, cybersecurity professionals are needed everywhere. Whether it is a new startup, smaller business or a large corporation, there is a great demand for cybersecurity professionals in all types of businesses.


    As a result of increasing cybersecurity risks and data thefts, business corporations are always in search of trained cybersecurity professionals. Despite various certifications and training programs offered by different cloud platforms, there is still a void of skilled and trained cybersecurity professionals that needs to be filled. To fill in the gap of trained professionals in the field of cybersecurity, enterprises encourage their staff to receive training in IT security skills and earn a credible certification. 


    The Cisco SDN certification, for instance, helps businesses train their staff and achieve their business goals effortlessly. It also verifies an individual’s IT skills globally, increasing their chances of professional advancements and updating their career. Also, to reduce the lack of trained employees, business organizations are constantly creating and developing new job positions for cybersecurity professionals. This also helps to motivate and encourage professionals to learn more advanced cybersecurity skills, techniques and practices.


    This daunting gap of qualified IT professionals seems to pose a challenge to business enterprises in today's era. According to analysts, more and more jobs will be created for security specialists in the field of IT, at a global level, to almost 30% between the years 2010 and 2020. This rate shows information security to be one of the most rapidly growing fields. However, statistics reveal that by the year 2020, there will be a dearth of almost 2.5 million security experts in the field of IT.


    Importance of Cyber Security

    If you are already a part of the IT industry, you might be aware of the importance of cybersecurity practices. To pursue a career in a lucrative field such as cybersecurity is a great career option for professionals seeking a job with a better pay scale and higher chances for growth and development.


    As more and more business organizations are migrating to the cloud platform, they require the services of such trained and qualified professionals who can quickly detect and fix any security risks in their cloud storage system.


    Moreover, cloud computing is extremely cost-effective and time-saving. Therefore, more and more businesses are willing to benefit from cloud technology. Due to this reason, the demand for cybersecurity specialists does not seem to reduce any time soon. Advanced qualifications and credentials such as the CCNA security on your resume can help you be an integral part and an asset to business organizations migrating to the cloud.


    Transitioning into a cybersecurity job can be beneficial in many different ways. Firstly, it is a high paying career. Since there are not enough skilled professionals in this industry, employers are willing to invest in cybersecurity professionals who are trained and certified from reputable institutions. If you are trained and skilled in these required practices, you can easily get a six-figure salary as a cybersecurity professional. Their annual income range between $150,000 to $180,000 per year. 


    How To Switch Into Cyber Security 

    As mentioned above, there are many different job roles available for cybersecurity professionals. Once you have decided to step into this field, there are many different areas where you can specialize and secure your IT career. At first, you might get fascinated by the high pay scale of chief information security officers, however, in reality, you cannot earn such a high rank in the early stages of your cybersecurity career. You need to gain a variety of skills and expertise to work at such high job positions. You also need to learn your strengths and weaknesses and figure out your areas of interest. You could either work in administration, auditing, architecture, development, management, consultancy services etc.


    How To Select The Right Cyber Security Training And Certification

    To become a successful cybersecurity professional, it is extremely important that you have the necessary skills and education required for the career path that you have selected. Many jobs require you to earn a specific degree or diploma, whereas many employers focus more on IT skills and certifications. In most cases, it is not necessary to have an IT degree as cybersecurity is an extremely versatile field. However, it is still a better idea to earn a degree in computer programming or any other IT field. Such degrees can be useful in case you plan to switch to another job in future. Another advisable option is to opt for sound training and earning a reliable certification such as CCNP certification. Such training can help you stay relevant, knowledgeable and skilled according to the present day trends of the IT market, providing you with a better salary and job security.


    Final Word 

    Once you have earned a degree; gained some years of professional experience in the IT industry and developed the essential skills and certifications needed in cybersecurity practices, you can get your cybersecurity career started in no time. If you are already a part of the IT industry, getting training and certification is a great way to step into the field of cybersecurity. It will surely enable you to enhance and reform your career path in the IT field and will help you remain modern, informed, current and updated in the ever-evolving and changing industry.

    Why to Update Your IT Career with a Move into Cyber Security

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