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  • Why a Unique Logo Design Service Matters For Market Leaders

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    When you are a newbie as far as business entrepreneur is concerned and you have just started to ponder about your identity and logo, in normal circumstances you might look yourself in mirror and start to converse with yourself “I would definitely like to have my logo exactly or nearly similar to logo that X company have” or there is a possibility that you envy your competitors and want to imitate their success just by creating a logo similar looking like them. On some other occasions, you may take notice that your competitors are utilizing some certain color, font, shape or symbol so that you wish to have the same just to make your specific mark in the industry you are or want to operate. Or just when the new trend of custom logo services comes out, you desire wish to follow that design to look latest as well as greatest.


    But have you ever realized that this thinking process can really damage the potential of your business? If you really want to be a leader in your industry, you definitely need to have your own identity with respect to the brand.


    A designer from Italy named Giovanni Tondini, just recently acquire and put the collection related to overuse and generic looking logos together that describes exactly what really happens when you imitate your custom logo design service on someone else who has done it before. What may look like any great or perfect looking logo if taken in isolation, simply looks just like hundreds of others when you take in the perspective of the immense scheme of stuff? Just for the sake of example, a design can be used as the company’s acronym can be cut in two different colors via an arc (normally Trajan font)… it has been done and used many a time.


    In this sort of situations, while you suppose or think your logo is looking quite good, you will come across people who are thinking and saying “oh! Your business or company looks quite similar to X Company”. The general public will probably assume there is nothing extraordinary or special about your company, or in the worst case, they may look you as one of the cheap rip-offs while not even try to search out more.


    Just Avoid Imitating Design:


    Another blunder different designers and businesses make is to opt for stereotypes in their logo designs. For instance, if you are operating the coffee shop you might take into consideration to use a bean of coffee, steam or mug in your logo. When opting any specific color you may choose brown too, as that is certainly what other businesses related to coffee shops would be doing. Although the outcome can be in a shape of pretty looking logo, in the immense set of things just like a clone—there’s nothing different or special about your particular brand—you look as if ‘any another existing coffee shop‘. You will see in the q few times, that even logos in circular shapes are utilized quite a lot—the reason is both Costa Coffee and Starbucks use this sort of shape or style in its logo, which lures designers wrongly presume that this is the only way to craft a logo for any coffee business…


    On the other side, Starbucks did something unique by creating a special looking logo which would “capture the naval history of coffee as well as Seattle’s strong roots related to seaport” in spite of directly representing the product which is coffee. This particular logo seems pretty unique or nothing else and has certainly now become very widely significant logo as well as a status symbol. As against its competitors in the market, Starbucks is taken as trendy, although Costa Coffee (which in my opinion is its closest of competitors) seems to have the logo that everyone else has. This means they are most probably not to be taken by the public as ‘trendy’ without redesigning the identity of their brand.


    To summarize, if you wish to be assumed as the leader of a particular market, you require to have a unique identity of your brand which is personal and restricted to your entity.



    Avoid To Follow Trends of Professional Logo Design Service:


    In the world of fashion, it is wonderful to follow the recent trends, especially in the style is driven fashion world. In this world related to professional logo design service, this is not true, to be honest. To follow design trends means you merge into the logo crowd.


    Each year, Bill Gardner at his Logo Lounge places a report together with highlighting this years’ trends of logo designs. He uses to do this by assembling the entire submitted logo designs from the last year, then assembling them together into related class one by one. Every ‘new’ group, which certainly has not looked before is assumed as a new trend. Within the time this report goes public, designers all around the globe are examining out the listicle, following the recent trends in a try to draw modern and trendy logos. However, the reality is that dozens of designer are making identities in a similar way, producing them entirely to look similar. Unfortunately trends age too… sometimes quite badly. Just in a matter of a few years, all the logos will look outdated if not redesigned.


    To summarize the above discussion, evade logo trends. It is, however, good to remain alert about logo trends so that you do not mistakenly use any of them.


    Ways to Have a Brand Identity Which You Can Own:


    I am quite sure that you are asking a question, “Ok! What is the way to have my own brand identity?”


    Before the designs are accumulated, the first thing you need is to know what business you are functioning. A good and right approach would be to finish the sentence given below:


     My brand is the only product that really helps my targeted audience to my brand usage so that my target audience get benefitted


    Once Finish, Use The Logo On Facebook Page:


    Facebook now is the social media platform which helps almost everyone to share and connect with those people who want to get extempore attention.


    Once you properly establish what business you are operating, what is your targeted audience and who is your competitor; a logo can then be designed that properly reflects only your business. By designing a logo for your brand only, you will organically look unique. This will help your business to stand out and would also help your target audience to relate what your business is.


    To design a logo in an above-mentioned way enables you to have your own identity. It gives you the opportunity to be your industry’s market leader.

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