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  • Why Choose Project Management & Planning as Your Career?

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    Why choose project management as your career?


    The day-to-day management of the project is handled by the project manager. They’re always in demand as project management plays an important role in the company’s success. The fundamentals of managing a project from beginning to end require a full fetched team of individuals with different talents and skills and are responsible for planning and executing the project. 


    Project management offers stability and growth. It provides many benefits and is a necessary position for many organizations. The roles and responsibilities of project managers can vary from industry to industry. Here are a few reasons as to why choose project management for your career growth:


    1.    The growing demand:

    Project managers are found in every line of industry and business and project management profession is one of the rapidly growing professions in the world. In the coming years, the project-oriented sectors are expected to grow by 33%. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), employers might need nearly 88 million individuals in project-management oriented roles by the year 2027.


    2.    Higher salary:    

    Since the demand for project managers is high, there is a competitive price for project managers in the market. The salary of the project manager is comparatively high compared to other professions but that varies from one company to another.

    The national average salary for project managers is around $89,286 at entry level and can range up to $104,359 as their title grows. PMP certified professionals earn 20% more than non-certified project managers.


    3.    Varied industries:

    Project management is not confined to a particular industry. It is necessary for any industry where time, budget and scope are important. Every organization needs a skilled project manager can effectively work on projects and can help the organization grow.


    Industries with the highest levels of project-oriented work include finance, construction, manufacturing, utility industries, information services, and insurance, etc.


    4.    Greater learning opportunities:

    Individuals who embrace change and love learning new things, project managers tend to refresh their knowledge regularly as the process and structure along with advancements in technology, market, products and services, and customers change.


    5.    Various skill sets:

    Project managers rely on various skill sets in order to be successful. One must not only need to know frameworks and methodologies of project management, but also many soft skills such as communication and diplomacy. There’s always more to learn in this field and many more skills to strengthen.


    6.    Make an impact:

    In addition to the salary benefits of a career in project management is the chance of making a difference in an organization. This can be done by coordinating the work of the team members and keeping the team motivated. Also, by cultivating collaboration, keeping resources and schedules on track, meeting budgets and resolving problems.


    7.    Future enhancements in your career:

    The roles and responsibilities of the project managers do not vary in any industry. Working as a project manager role gives enough skills and expertise that prepare an individual for many other positions in the later stages of their career. Depending on the titles and the industries, the salary prospects change accordingly.


    8.    Paying attention to details:

    Giving keen attention to the details is a significant requirement for project management jobs. The details have a great impact on the resulting project. This allows project managers to set up new ideas and strategies for the team. Hence, the project management career makes one understand the importance of all the tiny details which, in turn, proves very helpful in further career enhancement.


    9.    Self-Improvement:

    Project managers work extensively on a project in hand but, they have the flexibility of time and place to work in their own way. Virtual interfaces like video-conferencing provide the flexibility to join the team from remote places. Therefore, this job profile owns a good work-life balance.                                                                     

    10.  The flexibility of work:

    A project manager has an opportunity of self-improvement through workshops and seminars. They can learn some new skills from their team members while working with them on a project. Hence, self-improvement is a major factor which makes project management career a good choice.



    Project management is the best careers to choose for further growth. It has a number of opportunities and helps in the advancement of one's career. The project management trends keep changing year by year as the technology and the techniques used by the organizations change. Project managers must have communication skills as well as technical knowledge. It is a great platform for expanding knowledge and gaining new insights on various other aspects of the industry.

    The most common project management certification is the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. This certification covers all the fundamental aspects of project management and enhances the chances of being recognized globally. There are around 833,025 active PMP certified individuals worldwide. With the growing project-oriented sectors, nearly 22 million new job opportunities are expected to open up in the coming years.

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