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  • What is the Difference between Retargeting & Remarketing

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    Both the terms retargeting and remarketing often makes the clients confused. We always indulged ourselves finding the exact meaning of both. However, these both terms fall under the same category i.e. marketing but it is important to understand the concept of both in a different way. Let us share the expert’s highlight over this with the importance in the digital world.


    What is retargeting?

    It is a fact that not all the visitors on a website gets converted. Obviously, it would be great if such a thing happened but the truth is slightly different. The average conversion rates are very low on the websites. In a recent survey, it has been observed that global conversion for retail businesses was around 2.86% in 2018.


    This clearly means you failed to convert 97 out of 100 visitors that land on your website.


    Now come to the point, retargeting here plays the crucial part in bringing those 97 people to your website. It is a process via which you can reach to these not interested visitors who didn’t convert. With the help of cookies, your business can easily retarget them by using ads which will appear while they browse other pages in order to lure them to visit your website again.


    Retargeting is an appealing notion when you go for the ample number of ways in order to entice the visitors.


    Understanding remarketing

    It is as similar as to the retargeting. It is actually a process that attracts the visitors reaching to your website with an absolute conversion. The difference between retargeting and remarketing can be understood with strategy and execution.


    An email is a popular tool which offers the big help while executing the various strategies. The information compiled over time, organized and then target the send the sales emails accordingly. The best suiting example for this is to send a mail to those customers who just add the items to cart but leave the site without purchasing anything. Sending mails to the customers who have abandoned the shopping cart would also be a great idea. In remarketing, you will be shooting the mails to both, the ones to who were converted in the past and to those who haven’t. This sketches the line of difference as compared to retargeting.


    Some businesses use the remarketing instead of retargeting which they shouldn’t. For instance – Google in its Google ads talks about the remarketing but ethically it is doing the retargeting.


    Eventually, a lot of people get confused with both. They actually talk about remarketing but mean retargeting.


    How effective is retargeting?

    There have been various case studies happened over the years about retargeting & the numbers are showing the positive results about its effectiveness.

    1. In a recent study, it has been estimated that out of 1000 marketers who used retargeting , 91% of them were seen satisfied compared to email, search and display ads.
    2. Approximate 68 % of marketing firms and 49 % of brands have allotted a separate budget for retargeting.
    3. The more number of industries are now including this strategy for their business.
    4. About 30% of the consumers have shown the positive or very positive impressions about retargeted ads whereas only 11% of the consumers have shown the negative reactions.


    If we talk about the remarketing all we can say that it is very effective but little difficult to measure from a survey point of view. It is just because of the confusion in the definition as well as some gets confused with standard email marketing.


    Frankly speaking, the email marketing has always been a constructive tool due to its traits like open rates, reach and cost –

    1. According to a report based on the different individuals, the average rate for delivering of an email was somewhere around 98 %.
    2. Only in the United States, approx. 85% of adults can send or read the emails and about 99% of those check the mails daily.



    The final words are the line that differentiates the remarketing and retargeting is not that big and it is rather tolerable as people misuse them. In the end, all we can say is that these both are very much effective methods when it comes PPC Management Service in order to utilize the data of existing customers for the re-engagement & increased conversions. We will recommend using both ways instead of one in order to grow the rate of re-visits & convert them for your website with a great boost.

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