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  • What is GIT and Why Should Web Developers Use It?

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    Web developers often work on local sites by making tweaks and changes after which they upload everything when they're done. However, when more than one developer is handling a big project, this option isn't that feasible or easy. Professional development experts point out that in cases like this developers often use what is referred to as version control.


    Version control software lets you see the project's different versions and trace the changes made. If you are not pleased with the result, then you can easily undo some changes.



    What is GIT?

    It is a version control system that lets more than one individual deal with the same project and not affects each other. GIT will save the different versions and all the changes made by several developers. The central server will be used to save these changes. Individual developers can see and upload any changes to this server. It is beneficial since each change may be related to the specific developer who made it.

    GIT lets users see the whole change history in which each developer often has an entire copy of everything. If there are instances that the central server is down, all the information can be restored from any of the clients having the latest versions.


    Why should web developers use GIT?


    Flexible workflow

    GIT lets you select the workflow that will suit you. You can select a hierarchical workflow, or it can be just a centralized workflow. It's your responsibility as a developer to decide on what will work great for you.


    Distributed model

    GIT lets you share with other people just what is important, and you can even work offline. It uses the concept of a full repository to help you edit and save all the changes even when a remote repository is not accessible. Afterward, you can update and synchronize all the changes when you get access to the internet.


    Test changes

    Developers can treat their working directory as a sandbox where they try and test different things thanks to GIT. If the developers work, they can entirely commit them; however, if they do not they can easily look at the files once more from the last commit. This will make all the things be restored to normal and not affect the whole project. You'll always have the choice to commit, branch or entirely discard your changes.



    GIT lets you work fast on the network and local operations. A quicker release cycle is guaranteed due to the existence of pull requests, distributed development, easy branching and stable community. Developers are urged to share the slightest changes more often.


    Pull requests

    This is where you request another web developer to have one of your branches combined into their repository. GIT makes pull requests very easy. This lets project leads to monitor changes and lets developers start discussions relating to work changes prior to incorporating them with the rest of the code base. They help a developer who is having an issue to seek help from other developers on the team. In addition, it makes sure junior developers aren't messing up the whole project.


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    Agnieszka is an experienced developer. He works at Firewall Technical, loves to travel and is an avid music lover.


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