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  • What is Backlinks How to check Website Backlinks

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    Hello everyone thanks to being here now today we will discuss backlinks for SEO. Now, what is backlinks and how to create backlinks this is the world wide most searchable keyword in the search engines. 


    Backlinks are the playing very important role to rank our website on search engine if you want to rank your website on any search engine so you will have to create some good backlink according to your niche. 


     What is Backlinks


    Without backlinks, your website may be your website take too much time for the rank. So do not worry all think about backlinks in the blog I will tell you everything about backlinks so you wanna rank your website on a search engine so please all term carefully this will help you.


    Let’s see more about backlinks


    What are backlinks?

    Backlinks have a great impact on our website. I will tell you a very simple way to what is backlinks. The backlink is a link to get from another website. if you create backlink for your website similar to your niche website then nobody can stop for getting top rank on search engine because you have created link your niche website.


    Make sure you should always create a link from the unique website, not a spam link. A unique website will give you a very good quality backlink. By which the crawler of the search engine will repeatedly index your website and increase your website ranking.


    But the quality backlinks is very important for your domain so please make always good quality links for your domain. When creating backlinks, you should always check the website DA and PA and also make Dofollow backlinks. If you want to create backlinks you will have to know types of backlinks and what is the DA and PA 


    I hope you understand what is the backlink and you should know about DA and PA. Let’s see below 


    What is (DA) (Domain Authority)


    Domain authority is a measurement this was created by Moz to rate a website on a measure of 1-100, (100 being the biggest and 1 being the poorest). it means if any domain authority if getting 70 out of a hundred. So that your domain easily rank in the search engine 


    Domain Authority is determined by judging many circumstances, including linking root domains and the number of total backlinks, into a single DA score or domain age according to Moz and any search engine never make software for measuring domain authority 


    How to check Domain Authority 

    If you really want to know what your domain authority. I will tell you a very simple way so you can check within a couple of minutes 


    Let’s see check fist of all you will have to go on the search engine and type (Small SEO Tool ) for check domain authority within a second you will see in google Small SEO tool then click on the link. and in the front of your one box and enter your URL then submit or and you will see your domain authority.


    What is PA (Page Authority)?

    Page authority is the also same thing this is also created by Moz to know hows the page ranking on the search engine it gives a scale 0 to 100 number if your web page got better number according to Moz its means your web page good in the search engine eyes.


    I hope you understand DA and PA well and it is not enough for you to understand it better, because the actual performance of DA and PA of all sites comes from some point of view.


    • Domain Authority will increase with the age of the domain.
    • Age of content will increase the page and domain Authority
    • Less competitive keywords and broader searches will make it stronger.
    • Strong ties and social commenting will increase DA and PA


    To check DA and PA on any web page or website, install the MOZbar extension on the Chrome browser, and when you search on Google, you will find all the necessary details.

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