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  • What are the Best Places to Sell a Diamond Ring?

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    Many circumstances drive a person to sell their engagement ring. One of them is because of the engagement or the wedding has been called off. Another reason is divorce. Meanwhile, some couple is forced to sell one of their sentimental possessions due to financial needs. For sure, you also have your reasons for making such a decision. 

    Now, selling something precious like a diamond ring requires a lot of thinking. Don’t do hasty decisions only because you need the money right away. Sit down and take time to consider the most important factors when it comes to selling a valuable item like this. And, one of the first things you have to do is find a reliable place on where to sell a diamond ring. 

    Where to Sell the Ring? 

    If you haven planning this all along, you probably have searched the internet for possible options on where to sell an engagement ring. And if not, no worries! You’ll find out soon the best places to sell your ring. 

    Before anything else, what you need to do first is browse the web for possible places where you can sell a piece of jewelry. You can also ask your family or friends for recommendations. And if doesn’t work, check out the most convenient options below.

    1. Pawnshops

    Pawnshop is the easiest and most convenient choices out there to get cash. Your place surely does have at least one local pawnshop. 

    Yes, you might get your cash immediately; however, there are lots of cons when selling a valuable item at a pawnshop. Take note that they don’t employ a jewelry expert. Hence, you can’t get the exact value of your ring. Chances are, you’ll be underselling your precious ring at pawnshops.

    2. Auction Houses and Sites 

    Auction houses have diamond experts that can assess your ring. And if there are no auction houses near you, a good alternative is auction sites.

    It will take time before your ring is sold. You’ll have to wait before a customer who is looking for the same ring and size before it is presented at the auction. Also, the auction house and site share a percentage of your earnings. 

    3. A Specialist Jeweler who is also an Online Buyer 

    There are jewelry wholesaler and retailer that buy a ring online. But you have to understand that there is a huge difference between a wholesaler and retailer jewelry store. 

    A wholesaler will look for a retailer, who will then search for a buyer of the ring. Hence, it will take time before the ring is sold. Meanwhile, a retailer directly sells your ring to a buyer. Thus, you can earn money fast and receive the payment in a matter of days. So, find a reputable place on where to sell a diamond.

    In Conclusion… 

    The best place to sell jewelry is at a retail jewelry store. One of the leading jewelers in the country today is Speedy Diamond. This jeweler has a team of GIA certified Gemologists who evaluates precious stones and rings. Moreover, they have an excellent customer support team who are ready to answer your questions and assist you throughout the process.

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