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  • Wearable gadgets that bring technology closer to your heart

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    Comfort and convenience have no bounds as technology advances. We are expecting more and more convenience than ever before. The bar of expectation moves upward at a tremendous pace, as we are never content with what we get despite longing for it, instead, keep asking for more.  This is evident in the plethora of gadgets that rule our lives today. We now want our fitness routine tracking to fit into our pockets and like to view smartphone notifications without having to reach out for the phone.


    Plenty of devices are innovated to meet the expectations of modern lifestyle but knowing that there is more in the asking, manufacturers have banked upon wearable devices as the next in line gadget set to rule the world.  We do not only want to use technology but would also like to wear it, and this leads to the belief that wearable gadgets are here to stay. Harping on the fitness craze, manufacturers are already upbeat about wearable gadgets like fitness bands that record the level of fitness, heart rate trackers that track the functioning of the heart and step monitors that have become a part of modern lifestyle. Wearing technology on the body is a social standard today as people are more keen to monitor their body performance and know about themselves by wearing gadgets that help in monitoring health and fitness. Read on to know about some of the best ones. These wearable gadgets could be great assistance for Bike Fitting UKBike Fit UK firms which provide performance enhancement and training programs for bike riders.


    Apple Watch (Series-2)


    Let us begin with the best among fitness trackers today. Apple is Apple no doubt, but it is not the name but the features and performance of Apple Watch (Series-2) that makes it an obvious choice for the top slot in its class. The most remarkable feature of the new version is the enhanced waterproof quality that guarantees complete protection of the device when used under water up to a depth of 50 meters. Swimmers would find the device extremely useful to track their in-water performance more reliably as they can rely on its trouble free performance at any depth that a swimmer usually would reach. The display is two times brighter than the earlier version, and it has a GPS built into it. The lure of testing the capabilities of the gadget could motivate people to hit the gym or the pool.


    Fitbit Alta HR


    There has been a shift in focus in Fitbit Alta HR, the latest wearable gadget that takes over from Fitbit Charge 2, as the monitoring stretches beyond fitness and steps into the world of sleep. The gadget is much sleeker, and sleep monitoring is the primary objective of this gadget developed with the guidance of leading sleep experts from the University of Arizona, Stanford University and John Hopkins University.  The device explores sleep-tracking technology through its modules Sleep Insights and Sleep Stages, which are the innovations of the company.  Sleep Stages is capable of analyzing the time you spend in light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep by co-relating it with the variability of heartbeat during these stages. The module uses the power of technology of Fitbit’s proprietary heart rate technology named PurePulse. Sleep Insights uses the data to point out sleep improvements necessary for better health.


    Withings Steel HR


    For those who want to wear a fitness tracker that closely resembles a classy wristwatch but with capabilities that can outsmart smart watches then the Activite Steel HR version of Withings Activity Tracker is the only choice. The tracker is equipped with technology to track steps, swimming, running and sleeping – everything automatically, thus making it a watchdog of your movements. The interesting part of the design is the analog activity dial that synchronizes with your Android or iOS smartphone to generate metrics that motivate you to move ahead.  The looks are sophisticated, and the battery lasts for a month on a single charge for this waterproof device that attracts those in search of class and elegance.


    Coros Smart bicycle helmet


    The Coros Smart helmet is the last word in bike helmet as you could not have asked for anything more. The helmet does away with the need of using earphones as it has built-in bone conducting earphones so that you can listen to your favorite music or GPS navigation while cycling with crystal clarity as the background noise is eliminated. The helmet tracks your mileage, and if you meet with an accident, the helmet senses it with its built-in collision detection feature and immediately sends out an SOS to your loved one. The helmet is smart, in looks as well as in functionality.




    Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT


    This wearable tracker is dedicated to the serious cyclists eager to monitor their performance closely. The device that works like a satnav on motorbikes, when placed on the handlebars can track your rides by using the inbuilt GPS that eliminates its dependence on smartphones. It is equipped with Bluetooth enabled ANT+ and Smart dual band technology that enables it to sync with heart rate sensors and various cycling sensors. An app comes with the device that links the features so that you can share ride data, track performance, customize profiles and set up data fields.


    Myontec Mbody connected shorts


    The Mbody connected shorts is not the regular gym shorts but an advanced and comprehensive training system in the disguise of shorts. The shorts designed for cyclists as well as duathletes and triathletes is capable of capturing real time data about combined heart beat rate with muscle loads such as speed and distance and cadence by using its Mcell Smart measuring technology. The Mbody shorts are connected to the Mbody Live app on your smartphone (Android and iOS) to enable consume the vital data collected. The shorts made from 3D elastic compression textile produced by Carvico Revolutions would cause the wearer forget that they are wearing it.  The high tech gym wear gives athletes the freedom and comfort that they need to enable them to concentrate on the sport to bring out the best in them.


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