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  • Usability Testing Technique

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    Usability testing is a Black box testing technique and is reveals whether users feel convenient to use the application or Web site according to different parameters:

    1. The Flow
    2. Navigation
    3. Layout
    4. Speed
    5. Content

    Scenarios for Usability Testing:

    • All the content should be correct without any spelling mistake or grammatical errors.
    • All font should be same as per the given requirements and all the text should be aligned properly.
    • All the validation messages should be accurate without any spelling mistake or grammatical errors and the validation message should same with the field.
    • Tool tip must be given for every filed(Save).
    • Space should be given in a proper way between rows, columns, text field, label field and the validation message.
    • All fields must be aligned properly and button must be given in standard format and size.
    • Pointer should be getting displayed when user mouse over the link.
    • The color of disabled and enabled filed should not be same, Disabled filed should be grayed.
    • Confirmation message must be given for every save, update and delete button.
    • Check the website on different resolutions.
    • Tab should be working properly.
    • Scroll bar must be on required page or filed.
    • Text box, drop down button, radio button and buttons should be accessible by keyboard shortcuts and mouse.

    Advantages of usability testing:

    • Usability test is used to cover different types of testings such as functional testing, system integration testing, unit testing, smoke testing etc.

    • Usability testing can be very efficient if prepared properly, as yet highly effective and profitable. If appropriate resources (professional and innovative testers) are used, usability testing can be help full in fixing all the issues that are user may face even before the system is permanently handover to the user. This may result in better performance and a standard system.

    • Usability testing can be help full in determining potential bugs and crater in the system which are not easily detectable by the developers.

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