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  • Top Five Reasons to Choose Wood Serving Trays than the Plastic-made

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    When it comes to choosing cutlery and kitchen utensils there are a few options, it could be made from aluminum, stainless steel, and plastics.  Unfortunately, most modern houses use plastic kitchen utensils, including the cutting boards and the serving trays.

    If you are planning to buy a new serving tray, why not choose a wooden-made serving tray? If you click here you’ll find a few of the best wood serving trays available in the market today.

    Here are the five main reasons why you need to choose a wood serving tray:

    Reason #1: It is durable

    Most of the best wooden serving trays available are made from hardwood; in fact, there are several walnut wood serving trays available in the market today that are worth your money. These wooden trays are hard to break and can withstand heat, unlike the plastic-made trays.

    Reason #2: It is safer to use

    Numbers of research have proven that wood, especially the hardwood, are less likely to be inhabited by disease-causing bacteria. According to most studies, kitchen utensils and accessories that are made from wood are much safer to use than the plastic-made because the wood contains natural “germ-killing” properties, preventing the disease-causing bacteria to inhabit intricate places that are difficult to clean.

    Reason #3: Handles are easier to grip

    Wooden-made serving trays are easier to use because of its non-slip handles; for instance, trays that are made from Virginia Boys Kitchens are well-designed and well-constructed with tough and strong handles that are easy to hold and grip. In that sense, it makes serving a lot easier and faster.

    Most of the plastic-made trays, on the other hand, do not have strong nor well-constructed handles, which makes serving becomes challenging; for that reason, wooden-made trays are more convenient and efficient to use.

    Reason #4: It is aesthetically designed

    One of the best things about investing a wood serving tray is its natural design.
    Woods are naturally designed neat, elegant, and classic, which is why most of the wood serving trays is not only used for its main purpose but these trays can be used in different forms; this includes:

    •    Coffee table styling
    •    Organizing personal items in the bedroom or the bathroom
    •    Portable workstation or desktop organizer
    •    Breakfast in bed
    •    An elegant addition to the table setting

    Reason #5: Quality and affordable

    Most of the best wooden serving trays are made from quality materials, but if you choose Virginia Boys Kitchens’ wood serving tray, you’ll get quality tray at an affordable price. Here are its two best serving trays that are made from wood:

    •    20 x 15 Inch Rectangular Walnut Wood Serving and Coffee Table Tray with Handles
    •    20 x 20 Inch Square Walnut Wood Serving and Coffee Table Tray with Handles

    These trays are durable enough to handle your kitchen needs.

    Final Thoughts

    There are a lot of cooking tips that you can find on the internet today and so is finding a reliable and durable wood serving trays. Since there are reliable tips on how to choose reliable and durable trays that are made from wood, why switch back to plastic-made trays?

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