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  • Top Database for Mobile App

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    Mobile OS is growing largest & stronger day by day that it also surpassed the Windows OS as the most used OS in the world by increasing its data computation.


    The database is one of the essential parts for building mobile apps, adding more features in your existing apps, and much more.


    There are mainly five types of databases


    Relational Database

    • A relational database stores multiple data in the form of a data table, which makes it one of the most popular used databases compare to any other database.


    Operational Database

    • An operational database has gained much popularity between several organizations, which includes personal database, inventory database, customer database.


    Data Warehouse

    • Many firms use a data warehouse for storing the critical data which are going to require for an extended period.


    Distributed Database

    • A distributed database is used by firms when data storing workplace venue have a different location for each database.


    End-user Database

    • The end-user database is used to fulfill the requirement of the end-users of an organization.


    Here you will have a look over which are the top database for your mobile applications:


    SQLite : 

    • SQLite is one of the accessible databases for software apps like web browsers and between mobile developers for storing data from front-end mobile applications.

    • SQLite database is fully featured, embedded, highly reliable, & self-contained relational DBMS available as a public domain software packages.
    • It will also provide you a fantastic set of tools for managing all types of data with ease & fewer constraints instead of a process-based server relational database.

    Github Stars: 11,617

    Forks: 1,344

    NPM Downloads: 11,979


    ORMLite :

    • ORMLite stands for object-relational mapping lite which supports JDBC connections to MySQL, Postgres, H2, SQLite, Derby, Microsoft SQL Server and can also be extended to various other databases.

    • It is simply a lightweight ORM function for persisting java object to SQL database by neglecting the overhead of other ORMs.
    • It supports native database calls on Android OS without any support of JDBC, ORMLite makes direct calls to the android database APIs to access the SQLite database.

    Github Stars: 1,464

    Forks: 369

    NPM Downloads: 3


    Oracle Berkeley DB:

    • Oracle provided support for SQL in the 11g R2 release on the base of popular  SQLite  API by including a version of SQLite in Berkeley DB.

    • Berkeley DB is highly flexible and has a strong architecture, which is very simple compared to other RDBMS software. You can use it across a plethora of apps & as a replacement of custom, home-grown solutions.
    • Berkeley DB provides you features such as SQL database engine, JDBC, ODBC and another compatible access layer as well.

    Github Stars: 19

    Forks: 20

    NPM Downloads: 18, 775


    Realm DB :

    • Realm DB stands for a real mobile database is an open-source designed explicitly for mobile devices from scratch work on multiple platforms such as React Native & Xamarin.

    • Realm DB can store the data in memory and on the disk as well. Also, it is server-less and crosses platform like SQLite.
    • Realm has been releasing updates pretty often under active development which is also responsive for the database issue trackers & StackOverflow.

    Github Stars: 735


    NPM Downloads: 12,190


    Couchbase Lite :

    • Couchbase Lite provides native APIs for Android and iOS Development  with plugins for Xamarin and PhoneGap.

    • Couchbase is a first offline database, & sync with the cloud when network is available. All CRUD operations are performed on the local database so that developers don't have to write and sync the code to the local database with the cloud because the Sync Gateway can manage it.
    • It supports persistent indices and uses map-reduce to manage & query them. Couchbase comprises three different components Couchbase Lite, Sync Gateway, & embedded NoSQL database.
    • Couchbase Lite is a fully-featured open source NoSQL embedded JSON database designed for mobile devices which stores the data as a JSON document.
    • Each JSON document may have one or more attachments, which are the binary data that is stored & loaded separately from the document itself.

    Github Stars: 1,410

    Forks: 276

    NPM Downloads: 138


    Mobile Apps database requires the following features

    1. Small memory footprint
    2. Low power consumption
    3. Strong coordination features
    4. Self-management
    5. Data synchronization
    6. Security
    7. Flash-optimized storage system


    I hope the above information has acknowledged you enough, which will help you to choose the right database as per the need of your mobile application. Feel free to share your views with us.

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